Monitor Local and Remote Devices With New R2 Button

Users can monitor outages on T1 lines with this feature on the Mini Channel Bank series.

Mini Channel Bank Series Products

Users can now quickly identify issues in a T1 or E1 network with a new feature on the Mini Channel Bank series of products from TC Communications. The R2 button, which stands for Reset*Reset, is a new multi-function button used to track any outages that occur on T1 lines. R2 makes it simple for the user to isolate and diagnose problems on local and remote units.

Customers had a difficult time narrowing down the cause of data errors, whether it was the T1 signal or the device transmitting the signal. As a result, a new button was developed that makes it easier for customers to isolate the cause of disruptions. "Our customers couldn't figure out who to call to fix the problem. A quick drop in a T1 line could go unnoticed by the provider, but can still cause data errors. In critical networks it is essential that issues be diagnosed and solved quickly," said President and CEO Kai Liang.

Each Mini Channel Bank device is now equipped with the R2 button. Corresponding Alarm and Remote LEDs communicate any disruptions between systems. The LEDs not only show current disruptions but also show a history of up to 3 disruptions. The first reset will clear LED notifications on the local unit and a second reset will mirror LEDs at the remote unit and reset it. No more driving to a remote site to obtain or reset the status on a remote device.

The Mini Channel Bank series is a family of T1 multiplexers designed to remove the cumbersome setup and management of traditional channel banks. Mini refers to the device's plug and play simplicity. As telephone companies increase costs or eliminate dedicated leased lines, companies must look for alternatives. By using T1 lines at reduced costs, users can preserve the equipment and reliability of a TDM connection. Current interfaces include RS-232, RS-422, Dry Contact, C37.94, 600-ohm analog, FXS, and FXO.

TC Communications specializes in TDM over IP network solutions. In business for over 25 years, TC has installed applications in utility, public safety, oil, gas, and military networks worldwide. Engineering, manufacturing, and support are all located in Irvine, California, USA. More info can be found at

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