Monique Melton's Black Liberation Challenge Asks Every Corporation to Honor Juneteenth With a Commitment to Anti-Racism

Calling All Corporations: Take the Black Liberation Challenge

Monique Melton

In May and June of 2020, the #Blacklivesmatter movement spiraled a surge of interest in awareness of anti-racism, but then it quickly fizzled out. Why? "Apathy. I began to redirect the conversation on Black Liberation," Monique Melton, Anti-Racism Educator and Founder of the Shine Bright School, says. "Black Liberation is a daily pursuit that requires an ongoing commitment to anti-racism." After the protest in the summer of 2020, Monique's work as an educator grew exponentially and resulted in international recognition and inclusion in NBC, Forbes, Fast Company, E! News and more.

"Racism should always be a pressing concern. It will forever be an issue that needs to be addressed. Many people are, simply put, uneducated on what racism can mean in the world and in the workplace," says Monique.

Monique and her team crafted a Black Liberation Course and Black Liberation Shine Class, focusing on building a daily practice of anti-racism that has attracted Fortune 500 corporations across the United States. The courses serve as a challenge to focus on a daily practice of anti-racism.

The 2nd Annual Juneteenth Black Liberation Challenge calls for every corporation to take the pledge to commit to Black Liberation. The goal? 19,000 course sign-ups in honor of Juneteenth. Monique is asking every business to join her in the Pursue Black Liberation Challenge as your way to start making proactive changes in the workplace. It's time to learn what Black Liberation is, why it matters, and how to take action.

This interactive training features a 21-day challenge with a comprehensive workbook, journal prompts, and guides that are designed to build a daily practice of anti-racism. "We believe this work is done best with accountability. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you in this challenge," says Monique. "When you bring together participants from your organization to build a daily practice rooted in humanity, you can help to evolve your community. Providing the right educational tools for your team can help dismantle structures of bias and discrimination."

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About Monique: Monique Melton is an educator, published author, international speaker and host of the Shine Brighter Together podcast. She is also the founder of the Shine Bright School and Shine Brighter Together Community, which is a community dedicated to healthy relationships and Black Liberation. She connects with people from all over the world to teach in topics related to anti-racism, wellness, inner work and relationships. She's been published in magazines, featured in blogs and podcasts, and has touched the lives of people all over the world. She is a natural big-bold dreamer and a joyfully unapologetic Black woman. 

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Caroline Kalentzos

Source: Shine Bright School

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