Money Manager Urges More Emphasis on 'Controllables' in Retirement Planning

Rosenthal Wealth Management President Larry Rosenthal is urging people who are planning for their retirement to focus more attention on aspects of their money management they can better control and less time on the “uncontrollable” components.

“There is no question that it is important to pay attention to growing your wealth/money to meet retirement needs, but there is an alarming and financially dangerous trend towards spending too much time in that area at a cost of completely ignoring controllable components, such as asset allocation, withdrawal rates and tax allocation,” Rosenthal says.

As a much sought after financial advisor, Rosenthal has appeared regularly on Fox Business News and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, U.S. News and World Report, CNBC’s The Nightly Business Report, The Washington Post, USA Today, Money, Bloomberg, The Chicago Tribune, The Fiscal Times, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, Consumer Report’s Money Advisor, The Washington Times, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor and others.

“There is nothing more financially tragic than a person who has mastered the ‘money-making’ dynamic only to find themselves in the poor house because they failed to pay diligent attention to how that EARNED money was allocated, managed and spent,”  Rosenthal said.

“Every professional money manager sees new clients who start a conversation with some form of this question: ‘How can I be in a problematic financial state when I am making so much money.’ The answer is almost always a failure to give that earned money the proper TLC associated with tax management, risk management, asset class management and spending management. And all of those actions are very controllable and have huge implications for retirement considerations that may be years or even decades down the road,” he said.

Rosenthal has been providing financial counseling for about three decades. He presently has offices in Mclean, Manassas and Stafford Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, he has co-authored the book “Financial Success in the Year 2000 and Beyond.” His next book is expected to be out in mid-2019.

“The goal is to make sure you have enough long term financial growth to keep pace with taxes, inflation and market vagaries. You want your financial planning efforts to grow, protect and deliver income with tax efficiencies into your retirement years,” he said. 

Rosenthal is also the host of “Making Money Sense,” a radio show that has aired every Saturday morning on D.C.’s WAVA  from 9:00–10:00 a.m. since 2004 and is now nationally simulcast via satellite on SiriusXM channel 131.

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Source: Rosenthal Wealth Management Group