MONDO, an Addison Group Company, Exposes the 'AI Boogyman' as Nothing to Fear

Mondo, An Addison Group company

MONDO, an Addison Group company, and the largest national staffing agency to specialize exclusively in high-end, niche tech, IT, and digital marketing talent, has delivered a complementary all-inclusive guide entitled “Streamlining Business Operations WITH AI: A Comprehensive Guide for All Industries” aimed at deconstructing the fears behind Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.

Just today, Mondo, already a well-decorated award-winning talent solutions agency, was recognized by Forbes as one of “America's Best Recruiting and Temporary Staffing Firms 2024” for a third consecutive year. Impressively, the agency's connections span hundreds of industry-specific technology recruiters and hold a network of nearly 1.5 million high-end, niche technology experts. Now, Mondo has leveraged its expertise to create a helpful guide that demystifies Artificial Intelligence for businesses regardless of specialty.

With the internet buzzing and everyone talking about just how much the swift onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing our world, both personally and professionally, Mondo felt compelled to produce an asset to make AI more understandable and relatable for the everyday people conducting business - shining a light on how today's AI simply cannot replace all jobs, but is primed to enhance our production, freeing up valuable time for more human-centered soft skills to be developed.

Helping to show the ways we can co-exist with co-intelligence, inside "Streamlining Business Operations WITH AI: A Comprehensive Guide for All Industries," you'll find: 

  • A breakdown of the AI we already use in our daily lives 
  • Examples of how AI helps businesses streamline their operations 
  • Examples of how AI is not meant to replace humans but to enhance our capabilities

In preparation for releasing the guide to their clients and into the marketplace, Mondo has pre-emptively trained its recruiters and account managers on the best ways to guide conversations with clients on the resources needed to incorporate and implement AI efficiently to benefit their companies better.

Download “Streamlining Business Operations WITH AI: A Comprehensive Guide for All Industries”


Mondo has earned its award-winning reputation as a reliable resource for recruitment industry data, holding a coveted spot on the Forbes Top 200 Best Professional Recruiting Firms list. Mondo’s annual salary guide continues to be referenced by trusted, popular media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal. Mondo was also named one of 2022’s “Fastest Growing Firms” by Staffing Industry Experts, or SIA, and greater yet, Mondo’s first female President, Stephanie Wernick Barker, was named a finalist for the Stevie® “Female Executive of the Year” and “Female Thought Leader of the Year'' Awards.

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