Monarch Executives Celebrated Team With Travel Opportunity

Monarch Executives' President, Blanca, recently had the opportunity to travel to a top leader's conference. She indicated that this trip was, in part, a way to celebrate team achievements.

​Travel opportunities function as important perks for Monarch Executives team members, Blanca asserted. They are valuable chances to invest into professional development. Trips also serve as means of inspiration and sources of new creativity into the team. This particular event, which took place in Dallas, Texas, also helped to celebrate everything the team has accomplished recently.

Blanca added, "I was asked to speak at the event and it was a huge honor for me. I set the goal for myself to be recognized as a leader and that's exactly what happened. I gained so much knowledge from being able to travel and see the company at large."

Making speeches at events is a great opportunity to advance Monarch Executives' brand visibility. There were many sales and marketing professionals from around the country at the event. Speaking gave Blanca a leg up when networking with her peers. She indicated that she learned a great deal from sharing experiences and ideas with the other attendees.

"Traveling opportunities like this help provide networking opportunities and chances to form relationships with industry leaders. I took a lot away from this trip which will help me set more goals for myself and our office."

Monarch Executives' President on Learning Leadership Skills

A major element of the conference was the opportunity to learn new skills, Blanca indicated. Part of her reason for attending was to develop her ability to lead Monarch Executives toward success.

"The event included hands-on training run by experts in different aspects of business," she said. "It was very useful getting to learn from some of the best and brightest in our field. Continual learning is essential to lasting success both on the individual and company levels. This trip was a great chance to invest into my skill set, so I can continue to guide the firm's growth."

She added that she is excited to apply many of the lessons from the conference in the coming months. "This travel opportunity was very inspiring. I look forward to being able to try out some of these new ideas and strategies at Monarch Executives. Innovation has always been important to us. This conference has made me all the more motivated to try new things."

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