Molina & Rangel Public Adjusters Establishes Office in California

Molina & Rangel Public adjusters have extensive knowledge on homeowner rights and how to make certain that they are protected.

Molina & Rangel Public Adjusters

Molina & Rangel Public Adjusters announces it has established offices in California. Molina and Rangel wanted to offer their experience to a larger range of customers, home and business owners that may benefit from the extensive experience in claims management. They are located at 2029 Century Park E, Suite 406, Los Angeles, CA 90067. You may schedule an appointment starting Aug. 12, 2019, or you may contact them for a free inspection by calling 833.366.5462.

Homeowners face an unprecedented battle when it comes to battling for their legal rights. Especially, during the claims process with their insurance companies. Was it a requirement to acquire an insurance policy, during the purchase of a home? An insurance policy is mostly a demand from a lender. Once in possession of the policy, it is not a common practice of the agency to explain it thoroughly. Molina & Rangel Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge of homeowner rights and how to make certain that they are protected.

Requesting a free inspection is easy and free. A licensed expert will recognize possible damages to any home or business. From this inspection, Molina & Rangel Public Adjusters will advise and represent the home or business owner and ensure that those legal rights are enforced, collecting fair compensation for the repair of damages. The value of a home or business has no measure. Contacting a Molina and Rangel Public Adjuster will educate and explain what the claims process should look like.

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Experts in water damage, wind, hurricanes, fire, smoke, vandalism, mold, tornadoes and more.

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