Molecular Innovations, Inc. Issued U.S. Patent for Human Prorenin ELISA Kit

Molecular Innovations, Inc. has been issued United States Patent Number 9,085,795 for its unique and novel "Human Prorenin ELISA Kit."

Duane Day, President and CEO of Molecular Innovations stated, “I am very pleased with the issuance of this patent. Our company is well aware of the importance of cutting edge products related to the study of hypertension. I am very appreciative to our entire R&D team for developing this unique ELISA kit which for the first time allows for both the rapid and quantitative measurement of human prorenin. The kit is quite elegant in its ease of use and because it utilizes a non-isotopic colorimetric design, it can be used with virtually all plate readers in both research and commercial laboratories.”

Elevated levels of plasma prorenin have been linked to conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart failure. Other prorenin assays on the market today have several drawbacks including lengthy protocols, use of radioisotopes, and most importantly inaccurate detection of human prorenin. The Molecular Innovations prorenin ELISA kit employs a unique monoclonal antibody and directly measures human prorenin in less than 2 hours without the need for radioisotopes, conversion of prorenin to renin, or the pretreatment of samples for possible cross reaction with renin.

Molecular Innovation’s line of high quality prorenin reagents makes this groundbreaking assay possible. Molecular offers the purest recombinant human prorenin (human cell line derived) available, which allows for more precise results. Their novel monoclonal antibody clone 4B5-E3 is highly specific and does not cross react with renin. Prorenin/renin depleted plasma, generated using affinity purified polyclonal antibodies, is used to construct the standard curve for measurement of human prorenin in plasma or serum samples. An alternative kit with a standard curve in buffer is offered for the measurement of human prorenin in urine or cell culture samples.


Molecular Innovations is a biotechnology company that is a primary manufacturer of research antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. They are the industry leader in coagulation and thrombolysis reagents including PAI-1, urokinase, tPA, vitronectin, fibrinogen, fibronectin, clotting factors, prorenin/renin, albumin, immunoglobulins among many more.

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Primary manufacturer of research antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits specializing in coagulation and thrombolysis reagents.

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