Presents the Urban Yogi

Special show of artworks capturing the balance of harmony & chaos of Urban Life curated by leading art critic Georgina Maddox India’s largest and most innovative online art and collectibles platform presents The Urban Yogi - a special exhibition of artworks curated by leading art critic and writer Georgina Maddox. The curation that explores the balance between the states of agitation and peace in the urban existence features 13 leading contemporary artists namely Alok Bal, Arpana Caur, Gigi Scaria, G R Iranna, Jagganath Panda, KartikSood, Kathryn Myers, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Pooja Iranna, Pratap Morey, Ritu Kamath, SatadruSovan and Tushar Joag.

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The Urban Yogi is a special curation that incorporates a range of mediums including drawing, painting, mixed media works and sculptural pieces to bring out the tightrope walk in our urban existence. It is around this metaphor of the yogi that the curator, Georgina Maddox weaves together artists whose works are stylistically diverse yet conversationally similar.

Speaking about the curation, Georgina Maddox says, “Urban Yogi is all about the concern of balancing the fast paced urban life with the inner spiritual self. This desire for balance is something we can all relate to. The accomplished artists chosen for this show were selected based on how well their work fit in with the theme. I am excited to be associated with Mojarto’s first curatorial venture and I feel that the platform has immense potential for growth and introducing new collectors to Indian art through its global reach.”

Manisha Lath Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of says, is focused on making Indian art more accessible by creating a unique discovery platform that bring artists, artworks, critics and curators to a global audience. We are so excited to collaborate with Georgina Maddox for this special show. I am confident that art buyers will find her exhibition an interesting take on a modern conundrum common to us all.

 The Urban Yogi is currently live on