MOFT Releases New Snap System Accessories for iPhone 14

MagSafe-compatible accessories include magnetically enhanced cases, phone stands and wallets, a battery set, and new 2022 Color Collection

MOFT Snap Phone System

Tech accessories brand MOFT announces new accessories for its Snap Phone System designed to extend the functionality of the latest iPhones to expand the possibilities of the user experience.

MOFT accessories offer superior performance at an accessible price point. MagSafe-compatible, they feature unique details such as enhanced magnetic attraction, secure wallets that double as stands, and soft vegan materials with self-healing coatings. They are available in an array of colors including purple to match the new iPhones.  

  • Snap Case ($39.99)
    A slim and protective case with enhanced magnetic strength enables MagSafe-compatible accessories to attach more securely. It also features shock absorption from drops, self-healing coatings to heal scratches and antimicrobial treatment. Available in Smoky Black, Cool White, and Clear.
  • Snap Stand Power Set ($79.98) 
    Designed with commuters in mind for everyday carry convenience, the modular set includes the new Snap Battery Pack and the signature Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet. The adaptive accessory set can be magnetically layered, detached, and interchanged to suit any occasion for uninterrupted flow on the go. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, and Purple. Now available for presale shipping on Sept 29. 
  • New 2022 Color Collection for Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet ($29.98) 
    MOFT"s signature product now comes in Purple, Victoria and new Coastline-inspired colors to mix and match with the latest iPhones. The stylish utilitarian accessory offers multiple viewing angles, a hidden wallet for up to three cards, and a phone grip for the ultimate mobile lifestyle companion.
  • Flash Wallet & Stand ($34.99)
    Inspired by classic bi-fold design, the wallet securely holds two cards and unfolds for fast access to display an ID or chip-enabled card. A steel hinge extends the accessory to an adjustable stand with three viewing angles. Available in Night Black, Oxford Blue, Windy Blue, and Hello Yellow.

About MOFT
Rooted in invisible design philosophy, MOFT's innovative tech accessories allow productive and creative flow anywhere. Foldable structures and customized materials, including vegan leather and fiberglass made from recycled industrial materials, make for accessories that are lightweight, discreet, and durable.

Founder and digital nomad Julianna He was working in airports, hotels, and cafés where she and her colleagues perched their laptops awkwardly, on notebooks, suitcases, and jackets, in feeble attempts to avoid stiff necks, sore wrists, and aching backs. Determined to find a solution suited to her lifestyle, she set out to make a portable stand that was adaptive, intuitive and could go everywhere with her. The MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand was launched in 2019 on Kickstarter. The award-winning laptop stand has since been the most backed laptop stand ever on the platform.

"MOFT continues to be committed to designing category-defying accessories that work for you so you can be productive while embarking on new experiences and creative adventures anywhere," Julianna He.


Source: MOFT Inc.