Moflon Slip Rings for Fog Cannons Officially Unveiled at Shenzhen Tech Exhibition

Moflon Technology recently unveiled their custom-designed products for fog cannons at a Shenzhen tech exhibition.


Moflon Technology, a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial applications that have been around for more than three decades, recently unveiled their custom-designed slip rings specially designed for use in fog cannons. The MT series slip rings unveiled at a tech exhibition in Shenzhen would help in resolving the problem of 360-degree rotation and winding, according to the manufacturers. They also addressed the root of the problem at the press conference held on the sidelines of the tech exhibition.

“Fog cannon’s spray system controls dust and also reduces the inflow of large particles. However, it cannot control tiny particles. Size of particles in water mist which is sprinkled by fog cannons is of micron level.  Although fog cannons are effective in decomposing pollution particles, the system has two fundamental problems – 360-degree rotation as well as winding. Slip rings are required to put a stop to these problems. As a leading manufacturer of industry-grade slip rings, we are happy to launch the MT series slip rings. These are conductive slip rings that can be used in fog cannons. These MT series slip rings are a steady, reliable, and safe performer”, said a sales and marketing executive of Moflon.

According to the sales executive, the MT series via-hole conductive slip rings, which they have unveiled, can provide support a maximum of 200 power signals which include mixed thermo-couple signals and temperature controlling signals. The materials that Moflon has used in making the slip rings are shock absorbent and can also resist very high temperature.

“The protection level is IP68, and the shells of the slip rings are made of 100% stainless steel. For this reason, these slips rings are more durable than any other slip ring type,” added the executive.

The CEO of Moflon, who was present at the press conference, said, “Fog cannons and washing sprinklers and vehicles are now being increasingly used, especially on the city roads, for dust reduction and dust suppression. It’s a new opportunity for us, as we have always put the highest priority on research and development of custom products for different industries. We are a manufacturer of high-end slip rings and the slip rings we have manufactured would render technological advantages to the makers and users of fog cannons.”

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