Modular Data Centre Maker Minkels Launches the Next Generation Cold Corridor®

Data centre maker Minkels, part of the listed company Legrand (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR), introduces the Next Generation Cold Corridor®. A modular and thus highly flexible aisle containment solution.

The solution separates hot and cold airflows in an energy-efficient manner. Furthermore, the integration of customer experiences results in an extensive option package of modular functionalities.

Minkels launched the first version of the Cold Corridor® system at the CeBIT in 2006, in a time when attention to energy efficiency was still very much a new trend. In establishing its latest design, known as the Next Generation Cold Corridor®, Minkels' R&D department has succeeded in more than just further optimisation of the energy efficiency. Another essential characteristic of the new design is its modularity, which caters to increasingly dynamic user requirements. Minkels is scheduled to exhibit the Next Generation Cold Corridor® to users for the first time at Data Centre World 2013, which is being staged in London on 27 and 28 February.

Flexible data centre

"Virtualisation and cloud computing have given data centre dynamics a considerable boost," says Jeroen Hol, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Minkels. "As an extension of this development, users are expressing a growing need for highly scalable and therefore flexible data centre solutions. They want to be able to conveniently upscale or downscale a data centre whenever necessary. Cost considerations also play a role in this call for flexibility. This highly modular design offers extensive opportunities to implement such a Cold Corridor solution in stages, and therefore more cost effectively, too."

Thanks to its modular structure, the Next Generation Cold Corridor can be flexibly adapted to the specific building environment. "Also, the phased implementation of row-based cooling is an easy job thanks to the scalable components in the Next Generation Cold Corridor," Mr Hol continues. "Modularity in its structural detail makes the solution readily installable in a cost-effective manner."

Furthermore, on the basis of its own research findings, Minkels' R&D department has significantly improved airflow management in the Next Generation Cold Corridor in relation to the previous version. The new design is therefore even more energy-efficient than earlier models of the Cold Corridor marketed by Minkels. In addition, the new roof panels were designed in such a manner as to achieve a high level of light transmission. Finally, the new design enables the plug & play installation of monitoring sensors.

Functionality based on client experiences

A wide variety of user situations has also been incorporated in the design of the Next Generation Cold Corridor. These client-specific solutions, which were originally developed in project form, have been standardised and implemented in the various optional modules that the new Cold Corridor design offers. The following are but a few of the choice options available in the Next Generation Cold Corridor range: integration of the Cold Corridor with various types of fire extinguishing systems; access & access control; airtightness, which prevents the leakage of cooling air; and data centre monitoring.

For instance, there is a module available facilitating the compatibility of the Cold Corridor with water mist fire suppression. This module contains a so called 'pivot roof' system, which connects the roof panels to the water mist fire suppression. Once a certain temperature is reached the roof panels will collapse to let the water mist inside.

In the field of access & access control there is a module available with automatic sliding doors, and a mechanical self-closing module, as well as a manual option - either synchronised or not. These solutions are suitable for applications in combination with a module for a PIN code system for instance, or one for a card reader system. They therefore offer a security alternative, an intermediate solution for security at rack level or cage level.

Pre-installed during production

The Next Generation Cold Corridor is also a solution which delivers much more ready-made functionality, thus facilitating convenient installation and reducing the lead times for implementation to a minimum.

"The launch of our first aisle containment concept at the 2006 CeBiT served as the basis for our own further development as a supplier of a wide portfolio of energy-efficient, total data centre solutions," Mr Hol explains. The Next Generation Cold Corridor is yet another huge step forwards for Minkels. And we intend to expand our portfolio of modular-based solutions for the data centre environment even further in the foreseeable future.

Summary of major features of the Next Generation Cold Corridor®:

• Optional modules based on clients' best practices
• Ease of installation
• R&D-based optimisation of airflows, for increased energy efficiency
• Broad choice of security options and (automatic) door systems
• Compatible with a variety for fire extinguishing systems
• New design roof panels, with a high level of light transmission
• Plug & Play integration of monitoring sensors

About Minkels

Minkels ( is a knowledge-driven manufacturer and global supplier of high quality total solutions for data centre infrastructure. The Minkels brand is part of the brand portfolio of Legrand, a listed company (NYSE Euronext Paris: LR) responsible for global sales within the markets for low-voltage systems, data networks and data centres. Legrand has operations in over 180 countries, and achieved turnover to the tune of 4.25 billion euro in 2011.

Modularity and energy efficiency are key principles in Minkels' highly extensive product range. The modular structure of its data centre products renders them the ideal basis for a highly scalable client solution, which caters to dynamic requirements in the data centre environment. In view of the know-how it has accumulated in the field of energy efficiency, Minkels was approached to assist in drawing up the European guidelines applicable for the energy efficient construction of data centres, which is known as the Code of Conduct for Data Centres.

Minkels product portfolio comprises modular solutions in the area of data centre racks (Varicon®); data centre cooling, including DX cooling for small server rooms and Cold Corridor® aisle containment solutions (Varicondition®); data centre power distribution (VariconPower®); data centre monitoring (Varicontrol®); as well as a wide range of data centre accessories.


A photo of the Next Generation Cold Corridor® can be downloaded from the Minkels media library:

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