Modern Motion Introduces World's Largest Floor Safe

Vulcan Safe Lifts turn any large safe into a fast-access hidden floor safe.

Modern Motion Vulcan Lift

Modern Motion is pleased to introduce the Vulcan Safe Lift, which turns any large capacity safe into a waterproof, fireproof, fast access floor safe.

Many homeowners require fast access to their valuable collections of firearms while also achieving safe and secure storage. The Vulcan Safe Lift was designed to be the most secure storage system available, while still providing immediate and convenient access at the press of a button. Out of sight, secure, fireproof and waterproof, a Vulcan Safe Lift is the only product that can truly protect your firearms collection from any potential threat.

Designed to house 64 gun capacity or similar sized safes, the patent-pending Vulcan Safe Lift provides the largest floor safe storage available on the market today. With a lifting capacity of 2,000 lbs and over 48 cubic ft of secure storage, every homeowner can store a large collection of their important firearms. A high-speed lift system provides access times of less than 10 seconds, and security is assured with a fingerprint or other optional activation method. 

Introductory pricing for the Vulcan Safe Lift is $4,995 installed in new home construction. Please contact the company for a quotation for existing home installations. 

Modern Motion is an emerging leader in next generation home automation. Launched by one of the founders of TrackingPoint and the Precision Guided Firearm, Modern Motion is a brand of Evermore Systems, Inc, a product design company founded in 1997.

For more information please see or contact Matt Shultz at 737-241-9898

Source: Modern Motion, Inc.