Modern Living with kathy ireland® Explores Breakthrough CBD Healing Products Providing OTC Pain Relief

​Modern Living with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Mike Macaluso, CEO, Dr. Bobby Charlu, Medical Director, and Vince Spinnato, Cosmetic Chemist, of Living Legends CBD to discuss how their products provide fast-acting pain relief that lasts for hours without a prescription.

“Living Legends CBD is a very pure, hemp-derived CBD topical cream ... that gets down to the lowest level of the dermis and, in so doing, can provide particular benefits in inflammation and pain,” says Dr. Charlu, an interventional pain management and sports medicine physician.

Vince Spinnato adds, “CannaHeat is very unique in the sense that we have a lot of ingredients that work very synergistically together. It is a transdermal product that works from the inside out rather than the outside in.”

Mike Macaluso discusses Living Legends' seed-to-shelf solution. “We sourced from farm to processing to R&D to manufacturing, tested all along the way. We’ve managed to oversight it all: From farm right to shelf and, in doing so, have managed to come up with some really great products.”

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About Living Legends CBD

Living Legends CBD is an innovator in cutting-edge CBD-infused products for healthcare, combining decades of experience making highly effective natural products based on scientific evidence. Its finished products feature potent and marketable ingredients that enhance the power of CBD. Living Legends CBD believes in harnessing the time-tested power of nature while also considering the latest research.

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