Modern Business TV Selects SaYes Consulting for Guest Acquisition Campaign

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Modern Business with Kevin Harrington has selected to partner with Chicago-based firm, SaYes Consulting Incorporated in seeking out the brightest and best-in-industry companies across various business segments including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, security, transportation, education, energy and others to be featured guests as part of upcoming new episodes for Modern Business Television in its 2017/2018 season broadcast program.

"A combination of common professional interests, values, and complimentary talent, made partnering with SaYes Consulting an obvious choice,” said Lisa Vrancken, Vice President of Business Development.  “We're proud to ’say Yes’ and to have them on board to create a professional synergy based on our strategic vision for Modern Business with Kevin Harrington," commented Vrancken.

"A combination of common professional interests, values and complimentary talent, made partnering with SaYes Consulting an obvious choice."

Lisa Vrancken, Vice President of Business Development

The industry insight of SaYes Consulting as professional business advisers to emerging companies around advanced technology and business innovation strategies are a perfect fit for Modern Business. With access to a diverse range of industry organizations, SaYes is uniquely positioned to provide Modern Business with a best-in-industry lineup of featured guests that will capture the attention of a broad audience of business-oriented viewers.

“There’s nothing better for emerging companies of today than being able to share their entrepreneurial story of building innovation in America through a global resource such as Modern Business with Kevin Harrington,” said Marc A. Adams, Founder & President of SaYes Consulting Incorporated.  “Kevin knows business and this program is perfect for companies to expand their brand and educate their respective industries for how to leverage innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology,” said Adams.

Modern Business will continue its search for the top companies that are committed to demonstrating value, educating their customers and creating disruption in the industry with products, services and platforms that establish high value for customers, partners and shareholders within today’s marketplace.

About SaYes Consulting: Based in Chicago, Illinois, SaYes Consulting is a tenured, professional consulting services firm with extensive background and expertise with providing experienced business resources leverage best-in-industry practices in order to develop, implement and manage success results for small-to-mid size and enterprise businesses globally.  For more information, go to: 

About Modern Business:  Modern Business with Kevin Harrington is an award-winning, educational, business program designed for company executives and business-minded viewers, featuring a variety of topics, including industry innovation, best business practices, environmental stewardship and more.  Modern Business is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida.  For more information, go to:

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About SaYes Consulting Incorporated

SaYes Consulting is a private, professional services firm which maintains core competencies in executive strategy, business development, market intelligence and modern-to-advanced technology solutions for businesses ranging from small to enterprise.

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