MOBILTEX Releases the GCRTech PFL1 — Next-Generation Portable Water Pressure + Flow Data Logger

Water engineers can now accurately capture pressure and flow data in even the most extreme locations using a compact device that is incredibly robust, with industry-leading battery runtimes.

GCRTech PFL1 Portable Pressure Flow Data Logger

MOBILTEX [an XPV Water Partners company] has launched its latest innovation for the Water Utilities industry, the GCRTech PFL1 Portable Pressure/Flow Data Logger. Based on the field-proven design of the GCRTech PTRI/TRI data logger, MOBILTEX has further enhanced the device to deliver a more robust, reliable and effective solution for field capture of critical pressure and flow data for water utility operators.

Accurate and reliable data logging is vital for water utilities to accurately and reliably record parameters for pressure and flow across the water network by interfacing with common industry flow meters and sensors to enable efficient network management. Visibility of district-metered areas (DMAs) combined with network models, pressure surveys, consumer flow monitoring and reservoir depth calculations all mean water companies are able to make informed decisions that will result in a reduction in the cost of network ownership. With more data comes increased insight and ultimately increased value.

The completely updated PFL1 range of data loggers utilizes MOBILTEX's patented data logging architecture that allows the user to monitor pressure/flow inputs in a multitude of configurations, providing ultimate flexibility to meet specific application requirements. The PFL1 non-volatile memory organizes each data file as an independent data logger record with its own start/stop time, sample rate, and logging rate. The memory register size is designed to be ready to accommodate overflows associated with high pulse rates on Flow inputs. Pressure measurement accuracy is optimized using multi-point calibration and logged data can be recalibrated before, during or after the recording by recalibrating the pressure transducer to the logger.

Some applications for the GCRTech PFL1 include Leakage Flow-Monitoring; Fire Flow Testing /C-Factor Testing; Pressure/PRV Monitoring; Hydraulic Network Analysis; Pressure Surge Detection; Minimum Night Flow Analysis; and Low-Pressure Investigations.

Some of the key features of the PI-1 include:

  • One to three selectable channels (2 Flow/1 Pressure) Internal & external pressure sensor configs available
  • 2 MB Flash non-volatile memory organized into 6 separate data files — 60,000 readings each, and 2 separate data files — 250,000 readings each
  • Data is retained for 10 years if battery power fails
  • Configurable Sampling Rate: 1 second to 15 minutes
  • Configurable Logging Rate: 5 seconds to 24 hours
  • Logged data types: Average, Instantaneous, Minimum, Maximum
  • Flow Logging Modes: Pulse, Event, Pulse Interval Timing
  • Communications: IrDA — Baud Rate of 115,200 Baud
  • Completely waterproof and submersible (IP68)
  • Battery life > 5 years under normal operation

"The enhanced GCRTech PFL1 release is an exciting milestone for GCRTech and represents the coming evolution for the entire GCRTech portfolio. Field technicians in the Water Utilities space now can easily and accurately capture pressure/flow data in even the most extreme locations using a compact, intelligently engineered solution that is lightweight, incredibly robust and also delivers the real-world runtimes that field engineers require," said Marc Bracken, MOBILTEX CEO.

Visit to learn more about the GCRTech PFL1 and the entire suite of Pressurized Pipeline Network Monitoring solutions from the MOBILTEX GCRTech Product Group.

Source: MOBILTEX Data Ltd.

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