MobileSchlagen Craze Hitting College Campuses & Tailgate Parties Across America

MobileSchlagen, the world's first portable nail-hammering game is growing from a cult-following to mainstream popularity.

The Anywhere Game!!!

Eichenfeld LLC, a company based in Oakfield, New York, launched their MobileSchlagen Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on February 25th 2017.  The traditional nail-pounding German game of skill, strategy and fun, can only be played by acquiring large stumps of wood that must remain stationary in your yard or gaming venue.   MobileSchlagen has re-invented this favorite German game, made it mobile and now you can be the first to purchase the world’s only portable nail hammering game. 

Check out the MobileSchlagen Trailer to take a glimpse at the game that has captured the attention of party-goers everywhere!!!

"We've traveled around the country sharing MöbileShlägen at college campuses, tailgate parties, concerts, NASCAR races, beach parties, and family events. People have bought the game for a wide-range of situations. One group of girls wanted to play MöbileSchlägen while they relaxed on their pontoon boat. Plenty of men just felt their "man-caves" weren't complete without MöbileSchlägen. Whatever the reason, we guaranteed you will love the world's only portable nail-hammering game!!!"

Marc Johnson, Co-Inventor

Of MobileSchlagen ’s much-anticipated product launch, co-inventor Marc Johnson said, “We’ve spent a great deal of time proving our concept, engineering our product, and securing a full utility patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We have a deep bench of MobileSchlagen ambassadors that have patiently waited for this moment.  We anticipate a very active Kickstarter project.  Our team is poised to meet the demand of our customers and we are excited with the amount of support the crowdfunding community has promised to the MobileSchlagen project.  This is the beginning of a fun run.”

Learn more about the MobileSchlagen Kickstarter campaign and how you can own this amazing nail-pounding pastime.  Also, visit to keep up to date with the latest news & MobileSchlagen happenings.  

About Eichenfeld, LLC:  Eichenfeld LLC is the sole patent holder, manufacturer, and distributor of MobileSchlagen games and MobileSchlagen replacement stumps and accessories based in Oakfield, New York.  The Western New York Company was founded in 2015 and is the first and only mass-market portable nail-hammering game provider.  MobileSchlagen popularity has been bolstered by critical acclaim in several regional publications and a feature story on the front-page of the Wall Street Journal.  

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Source: Eichenfeld, LLC

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About Eichenfeld, LLC

Eichenfeld LLC was formed in 2015 by Marc Johnson, James Betters & Dan Manges and operates out of Oakfield, New York.

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