MobileComm Launches Its Improved GIS Platform mMAPS 2.2

MobileComm from its R&D head quarters in India, announced its much anticipated new release of mMAPS.

MobileComm from its R&D head quarters in India, announced its much anticipated new release of mMAPS. mMAPS is a unique GIS platform that has been built for keeping the Telecom Industry in View. It’s a tool which in the hands of a Telecom Engineers, can increase the productivity and improve the overall efficiency of the resources.

The Improved mMAPS Platform comes with Improved features which can complete hours jobs at the click of the button. A minimum 25% efficiency increase has been seen among the users who have been using the new platform compared to prevalent GIS tool in the market.

Some Salient Features included in mMAPS 2.2

• Transmission Link Layer Creation : At a click of a button, the whole transport network is available for view. A Transport Engineer can easily View, Plan and Optimize the Transport network in No Time at all.
• Drive Test Analysis : With Logfiles being imported  in .CSV format, Analysis of Drive Test logs becomes an easy task. Analysis if Drop calls or Handover failures is now available with a single click.
• Boundary Query with Prediction: A task which takes hours can be done in seconds. The whole network Boundary with coverage can be made available in seconds.
• Auto Save Feature : With regular Auto Save feature implemented, the data is always safe. Even if there is an eventuality, your data is always safe and can be restored.

“We are constantly adding new features in our Platform. Our endeavor is to add more automation in the product and make it more user friendly. At the end of the day we want Engineers to be more productive and save the hours which can be better utilized” Says MobileComm Tools head Deepak Bajaj.


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