Mobilearth Partners Up With Imaged Original

Archive Input and Retrieval capabilities for the Mobilearth Apps

Partnership for Mobilearth and Imaged Original

Mobile app provider, Mobilearth has partnered with content management and archive specialist, Imaged Original Inc. to provide their customers with a new twist to the Mobilearth secure chat platform; the ability to pull documents out of archive for discussions either one on one or in groups, or place documents being shared in secure chat into automatic archive.

Mobilearth’s tablet or phone app for employees has numerous features that will rely on archive retrieval by Imaged Original Inc. Secure chat between employees will allow employees to retrieve archived documents for discussion. The Document Viewer will allow archived documents to be retrieved for viewing. Products and Services will retrieve data from the archive to pre-fill forms. The Dashboard will allow more specific searches of the archived repository.

Mobilearth apps will empower employees to be more mobile and interact with customers in any location. Imaged Original’s document archive will give the employees access to the entire repository of documents that is normally only accessible onsite. This will free up employees to be able to work from anywhere.

“Customers expect instant access to information from any location, at any time,” according to Andrew Leamont, President of Imaged Original Inc. “Organizations are obligated to provide that information, not only immediately but more importantly in a secure manner. Our joint solution provides exactly that.”

“Any company using paper forms or existing archives would benefit from using our joint solution,” says Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth. "Organizations face challenges of accessing valuable customer archive data rapidly in real time. We solve this problem by providing instant access to archive data which allows employees make faster and more accurate decisions for their customers."

About Imaged Original

Since 2010, Imaged Original Inc. has been providing world class content management solutions to valued clients from two users to 1000’s of users. Elegant business process development, electronic workflows, electronic forms and document management are the core drivers we use to make your business run better.

About Mobilearth

Incorporated in 2005, Mobilearth provides an omni-channel app experience for any company who wants to make their employees more mobile by removing location restraints. Mobile apps for customers and/or employees will streamline processes and provide a unified user experience on both sides of the counter.

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