Mobile Apps for Business - Expert Review by Top Phone Supplier

Mobile apps are taking center-stage in the world of business today; apps and the mobile Internet are driving business processes and fast becoming the preferred way in which customers interact with brands, products and services. This expert review by

People now prefer to use the mobile apps on their smartphones to book flights, pay bills, watch TV shows, register for events and sign-up for services. This expert review from phone experts takes a look at how mobile apps have changed the business scene forever.

"Mobile apps have become a major medium through which customers interact with brands, products and services. There's practically an app for everything at this point." - Yaron Ram, Principal at

About Mobile Apps

• They are cross-platform, working on major device platforms like iOs, Android, Windows Phone, Java/Symbian and others

• Run primarily on smart phone systems, tablets, iPads and other hand-held devices

• Used to pay utility bills, access social media, watch TV, do financial transactions, make payments and
complete work tasks, all from a handheld device

The Mobile App Takeover

• Mobile apps are now extremely popular with different segments of the population

• Used by both the old and the young, for social as well as more functional tasks

• Major products, brands and services now use mobile apps extensively

• Increasingly the preferred way to access the Internet

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