Mobile App for Zeutschel Zeta Book Scanner

With zeta mobile app, Zeutschel presents a new information platform on tablets and smartphones for its book scanner zeta.

In the zeta mobile app, Zeutschel GmbH presents a new communication platform based on state of the art technology - multimedia, interactive and attractively designed. High-quality, visual product images and videos, complemented by explanatory texts, enable visitors to obtain comprehensive information on the modern Zeutschel office and book scanners. The zeta mobile app is optimised for use on tablets and smartphones, but can also be deployed on desktop computers. It is available with the language options German and English and can be viewed free of charge on the internet or downloaded as a web app.

"Mobile terminals have developed into an important communications channel in order to remain in contact with customers. The zeta mobile app allows interested person to source comprehensive information on our innovative scanning and copying systems, no matter where they are. In this, we offer a special kind of product and brand experience", explains Margot Rauscher, Head of Marketing at Zeutschel.

The structure and content of the mobile app are designed for the target groups of 'Libraries' and 'Office' - hence providing each segment with precisely the information it needs. Care has been taken to design a high-quality web look. Photo galleries with explanatory texts and product videos satisfy the need for information and appeal to the emotions of visitors.

There are also various interaction and dialogue options. For instance, interested persons can download the product data sheets, get in touch with Zeutschel by e-mail and also recommend the mobile app on Twitter and Facebook.

The new Zeutschel communication platform is designed technically as a web app and is hence cross-platform and suitable for use on iPads, iPhones and equally on Android tablets and smartphones. The mobile app can also be viewed on stationary computers and Macs.

And it is well worth becoming a frequent visitor to the zeta mobile app: New contents such as bulletins, user stories and operating instructions will be added in future.

About Zeutschel:
Zeutschel GmbH is based in Hirschau near Tubingen and is a leading specialist provider in the field of cultural possession protection and has been supplying devices, solutions and systems for document and archive management for more than 50 years. With 60 members of staff, Zeutschel develops, produces and distributes scan systems, soft- and hardware solutions such as Campus software, delivery service software, image analysis software, capturing software as well as microfilm systems, hybrid systems and reading devices. Zeutschel's solutions and systems are used throughout the world by libraries, archives, universities, land registries and commercial enterprises.