MobiFin-Orbit Set to Revolutionize Mobile Financing in Syria

Panamax Infotech Limited is delighted to announce its partnership with Orbit Ideal Solutions. This association will ensure Panamax Infotech’s official entry into the Syrian market. As part of the deal, Orbit will promote Panamax Infotech’s Mobile Financial Solution MobiFin in Syria abiding by the government regulations. The deal is expected to strengthen the positioning of both Panamax Infotech and Orbit together in Syria.

MobiFin comprises of modules that make it suitable for the telcos, banks and other financial institutions to offer services like mobile money, micro-financing, top-up and bill payment, bulk payment and internet banking. Other features include international remittance, agency banking, loyalty and rewards. MobiFin is also capable of providing microinsurance, which makes sure that the insurance services penetrate the lowest segment of society and are disbursed in minimum possible time.  

Mobile finance has become the need of the hour in Syria for individuals, merchants, agents and corporates alike. This is especially beneficial for its reachability and easy integration while being a secured solution. Chief Business Development Officer at Panamax Infotech Limited Mahavir Shah asserts, “Mobile usage is at an all-time high among Syrians and Panamax Infotech and Orbit jointly believe that MobiFin can stir this up further by clubbing it with the basic amenities. We are very excited about the association and look forward to a rewarding experience in the Syrian market.”

Wadah Kayal, General Manager, Orbit Ideal Solution explains, “The group focuses on bringing technology into the lives of the people. With the prior experience and knowledge that Panamax Infotech Limited holds in the field, we feel confident that we will be able to fulfil our goals together.”

Orbit Ideal Solution is a leading Syrian company providing technical solutions, software and special applications to facilitate the work within institutions and large companies (government, private) by automating the procedures and methods of follow-up and activation of electronic payment systems.

Panamax Infotech Limited’s MobiFin is an all-integrated Mobile Finance Solution that has been a front-runner in the African, American and European markets. MobiFin empowers mobile network operators, MVNOs, Mobile Money Service Providers (MMSPs), Merchants, Banks and Financial Institutions to deliver innovative, targeted and localized mobile financial services. These services are spread across a wide range of user access points, mobile devices, POS terminals and telco channels. 

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Panamax Infotech Limited is successfully scaling the international markets and helping telcos, carriers, MNOs & MVNOs to do business with advanced technologies. Our Business Support System (BSS) products extend converged & interconnect roaming solutions, rating, retail subscriber prepaid and postpaid billing, deal management, fraud management and business process automation solutions. We provide Network Switching Subsystem (NSS) solutions through a complete product suite of Class 4 & 5 Switching solutions, Unified Communications, VoBB, IP Telephony, Transcoding & Conference solutions. Our mobile financial solutions (MFS) facilitate dynamic wallet management, mobile money, microcredit, international remittance and bill payment for telcos and Banks. Visit:

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Panamax Infotech Limited is successfully scaling the international markets and helping telcos, carriers, MNOs & MVNOs to do business with advanced technologies.

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