MobiCommerce Launches a React Based Native Apps and PWA eCommerce Platform for Magento 2

MobiCommerce Launches a React Native-Based Ecommerce App Solution for Magento

​MobiCommerce has always had one mission, i.e., to always offer competent eCommerce technology solutions. To achieve that, it has now launched MobiCommerce 4.0, an eCommerce native app and PWA development platform, built using React Native and Magento 2.X Technology.

MobiCommerce 4.0 builds PWA and native Android and iOS mobile apps in React Native technology, the most advanced frontend technology released by Facebook that enables efficient sharing of code and improved user interfaces.

It works with more than 1,000 concurrent users. It has also been tested with a huge catalog size  – all of which makes it an obvious choice for fast-scaling eCommerce businesses that are looking to build a react native eCommerce app.

But that’s not all. It is integrated with Google Analytics, allowing them to track website traffic, and various metrics such as total visits, clicks, and bounce rates.

“MobiCommerce provides both B2C and B2B eCommerce & Multi-vender Marketplace solutions, which include a progressive web app, responsive online store, and iOS and Android applications that are accurately tested, highly customizable, and scalable,” says Rakesh Jain, CTO, MobiCommerce.

Further, the React Native eCommerce mobile app development company has a page builder functionality that consists of many widgets to design the homepage that also offers various categories for the landing page. This includes the HTML widget, Image type widget (slider, grid, 3/4/5/6 image containers), and more.

Further, the end-customers also have much to benefit from. For starters, they can work offline and perform tasks at their convenience, from anywhere, and at any time. That means the eCommerce businesses can target their customers 24/7.

“With the segmented push notifications feature, the eCommerce businesses can notify or update their customers about new arrivals, sales, discounts, etc. And since the latter can access the store anytime, the push notifications help instigate a buying decision,” adds Rakesh Jain.

Deep linking is another feature that has implemented in its storefront, thereby giving access to the end-customers of the most relevant products and corresponding information. Moreover, the URLs are synced on both the website and mobile app.

Then there is the QR code search feature that allows users to search for products easily. Lastly, it supports all Magento supported payment gateways, thereby ensuring a hassle-free transactional experience for the end-customers.

“We endeavor to offer an eCommerce solution with flawless functionality, complete synchronization of activities, and where placing orders takes a fraction of a second. Ecommerce businesses can do wonders when the right technology is in place and they have the right website functionality, inventory management and marketing support in place. If anyone wants to create a React Native app for their eCommerce business, they should try us!” adds Rakesh Jain.

And with that, MobiCommerce continues to lead the way in the eCommerce world. Interested businesses can have a go at the new technology with MobiCommerce’s demo mobile app. Or, sign-up for a personalized demo.

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