MobiCard Unlocks Business Networking Potential With New Social Media Features

Digital business card adds connectivity and analytics, allowing users to to boost following, track connections, network efficiently

Brands rely on social media now more than ever to extend their media and marketing reach, but growing a following on multiple platforms can be a full-time job in itself. MobiCard's digital business card platform now allows users to easily attach their social media accounts to their digital business card, allowing them to share multiple social media accounts seamlessly.

"More and more people and businesses are utilizing multiple social media platforms," says Joshua Sodaitis, chairman and CEO at MobiCard. "Everyone knows how much of a pain it can be to exchange social media information, especially face to face. With MobiCard, being able to easily exchange all your social media information digitally helps its users get more done in less time and simplifies the process for everyone involved."

MobiCard empowers its users to leverage technology to make smarter, data-driven decisions to help facilitate long-lasting business relationships. With social media connectivity, MobiCard users can discover new groups of audiences across social media platforms they may not even have utilized in the past.

Sodaitis tells the story of his namesake cousin, "Li'l Josh," a college student having challenges navigating social media for both friendships and career connections, until he found Mobicard. 

"He can now share his Mobicard to people he meets while he is going to school, and they can connect to him on the social media sites he chooses with one click of a button, as opposed to contacts looking him up to "friend" on Facebook or "Follow him" on Twitter, and "connect with him" on Snapchat or Instagram.

"With Mobicard, people can have one share and add you across any or all of your platforms, making it easier and faster to connect with your friends or colleagues. That is why Mobicard is more than just a digital business card, it's a dynamic digital footprint," Sodaitis said.

Mobicard's social media connectability exponentially increases users' networking capabilities, which allows sales teams to reach more people and grow their social networks at a faster pace than ever before.

But Mobicard also provides comprehensive data and analytics unavailable with traditional methods. When handing off a paper business card, for example, most people won't ever know its fate until they receive some sort of call back. MobiCard can help users track how effective their cards are: they can see if their information has been viewed, been shared with others, or ignored altogether. This makes segmenting leads easier and helps prioritize where sales teams should be focusing their efforts. 

MobiCard is an easy-to-use digital business card platform that allows users to create digital business cards and share them with clients. The MobiCard app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more at

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MobiCard has created a game changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. This flexible and robust application, makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There's no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that'll disrupt the traditional paper business card business.

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