MOBICARD Revolutionizes Business Cards 

The app Peer To Peer Network creates a ‘dynamic digital footprint’ with social media sharing and data analytics, so professionals know who views and shares their information for lead-generation intelligence.   

The groundbreaking MOBICARD™ platform is a digital transformation of the traditional business card that allows people to seamlessly share their contact information and provides data analytics that revolutionizes networking.  

MOBICARD™ 1.5 is in development now by Peer To Peer Network. The MOBICARD™ app creates a unique, customizable virtual business card that represents an exclusive leap forward in professional networking.  The New MOBICARD 1.5 is coming soon in May of 2024. 

"In today’s competitive economy, business professionals have to always be networking, and the MOBICARD™ virtual business card provides the edge you need,” said Josh Sodaitis, Chairman and CEO of Peer To Peer Network. “MOBICARD is more than just a digital business card - it's a dynamic digital footprint."  

MOBICARD's digital nature is its chief advantage, permitting the user to customize the design and update their details whenever their career or personal information changes. The icon and list view template allows users to add their logo and contact information, a profile photo, and an audio message. MOBICARD is easy to publish and can be shared virtually anywhere: at the office, at home, at networking events or conferences, or even on a vacation.  

MOBICARD™ also provides social media connectivity with the user’s professional contact information. Users can easily attach their social media accounts to the digital business card and share multiple accounts seamlessly. That makes social media connections far more likely than if contacts have to look up the user on the specific sites.  

Data analytics is at the heart of MOBICARD™. The platform tracks and captures data every time the card is viewed or shared. Knowing who to follow up with and when is the most valuable proprietary asset, something no other company in this space provides. The intuitive analytics feature lets the user make informed lead-generation decisions from that data, seeing which contacts may be interested in their product or service and which are worth pursuing for follow-ups. MOBICARD™ also can provide a text alert when the user’s card is shared or viewed.  

The ability for real-time responses to data provided by push notifications when someone shares a MOBICARD™ gives its users a networking edge. They can see detailed information about the person who shared the card and make the first outreach connection, which is impossible with traditional paper business cards. Someone who spends 30 minutes looking at your social media page, website, and listening to your audio message is more likely a better lead than someone who spent five seconds on your digital MOBICARD. 

Together, MOBICARD's ease of sharing and data analytics help the user build an engaged contacts network with strengthened business relationships. Users can increase their contacts network with a fraction of the effort of using paper cards and tedious online searches, allowing business professionals to maintain their productivity while maximizing their connections.  


Peer To Peer Network’s flagship product is MOBICARD™. MOBICARD™ is the first-of-its-kind, digital contact/business card that will shift the paradigm of personal and professional networking. It will facilitate the ability of individuals and businesses to share information and more effectively expand their visibility and brand awareness. The MOBICARD™ is a combination of powerful mobile apps and desktop apps with wide-ranging capabilities, including linking videos, user websites, all forms of contact information, and each user’s social media links into one consolidated digital source. It is more than just a digital business card; it is a “Dynamic Digital Footprint.”