MobiCard Highlights the Importance of Reconnecting With Past Business Contacts During Pandemic

MobiCard is sharing advice about reconnecting with business contacts and how it can help professionals thrive during the pandemic and beyond.

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No matter if a company is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), a unifying theme is the need to connect with others. Before the pandemic, business professionals all over the world focused on in-person meetings. Whether they were one-on-one meetings or networking events, face-to-face interaction was a common occurrence. However, because of COVID-19, in-person interactions were virtually eliminated which forced B2B and B2C outreach to take a completely different approach from years past. MobiCard realized this and created a first-of-its-kind digital application for networking, lead generation analytics, and business card exchange.

Through its all-in-one app, users are able to access informative data based on networking performance and activity to gain a big-picture understanding of the number of card shares, views, and other information that helps drive a more informed networking experience.

Though the networking landscape was changed because of the pandemic, MobiCard is urging business professionals to use this time to re-engage with existing contacts to revive business conversations.

"Follow up is just as important as making the first connection," said Josh Sodaitis, Chairman and CEO of MobiCard. "Though the world feels like it stopped because of the pandemic, business is pushing ahead and people need to do the same in order to keep growing in their respective industry."

No matter what's going on in the world, follow up can be difficult, but it's necessary.

Though it might feel strange to reconnect with someone during a pandemic, there are ways to create meaningful and personal interactions and it begins with understanding the person on the other end of the phone or computer.

Gaining a basic understanding of the contact can help with crafting the right message. Now, especially, gentle language is a must when following-up so as to not come off as out-of-touch with what's going on or entitled to a response.

Various reasons for a follow-up during a pandemic include but aren't limited to:

  • A pre-existing or past partnership
  • Historically open dialogue
  • An increased likelihood of doing business together

Properly timed and consistent follow-up is an effective strategy to remain top-of-mind with contacts and customers.

MobiCard users, in particular, are able to create or enhance their digital footprint thanks to the ability to include a link to social accounts as a call to action which helps build deeper connections with other professionals.

"Though the style of communication might have changed significantly, the importance of making connections and following up remains," Sodaitis noted. "In 2021 and beyond, people will have to adapt to new techniques while leveraging tried and true communication methods to build and nurture business relationships."

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MobiCard has created a game-changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. This flexible and robust application makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There's no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that'll disrupt the traditional paper business card business.


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