MMR President/CEO Pepper Rutland Talks Employee Health and Wellness, Relationship With Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

MMR President/CEO James “Pepper” Rutland was featured on “The Brand” with Carey Guglielmo on Talk 107.3 FM discussing MMR’s partnership with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and the importance of offering health and wellness incentives to employees.  

The remote radio show was held at MMR headquarters, in Baton Rouge, La., during an on-site skin cancer screening session for employees. In addition to Pepper, the show featured Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center President/CEO Todd Stevens, Screening Physician Dr. Sarah McGinty and Dana Simmons, an MMR employee and cancer survivor who received care and treatment under the Cancer Center.

Pepper Rutland explains the relationship with Mary Bird Perkins formed after several employees received a cancer diagnosis and chose to utilize the services of the Cancer Center. “Having visited the facilities, gone through treatment and seen their technologies, it was obvious that MMR needed to be involved with the Mary Bird Perkins facility in Baton Rouge,” remarked Rutland.  

MMR’s support includes an expansion to the cancer unit and advanced cancer care at the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. In addition, through the Mary Bird Perkins Prevention on the Go program, employees receive free, on-site cancer screenings and education classes, which as Pepper Rutland says, “makes it so easy, you can’t say no.”

James B. “Pepper” Rutland also highlights MMR’s other enhanced health and wellness benefits like telemedicine. MMR wants to be a part of the rapid change in healthcare and early adopters of the industry’s cutting-edge advancements in technology. Employees are able to utilize the time-saving benefits of telemedicine to visit the doctor virtually either at the office or from their mobile device. 

Concluding his interview, Pepper is asked why he takes safety so seriously in his business. Rutland explains that the biggest asset of MMR is its employees, and it benefits MMR to keep them safe and healthy. Much like Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, MMR is also a service provider, not a manufacturer. Clients go where they receive the best service, and in this case, that is MMR.

Listen to the full episode here.

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