MMO Worlds Gives Updates on Online and Console Games

New site offers latest on video game news and information

New site MMO Worlds is designed to give gamers the latest news and information about video games, especially massively multiplayer online games.

One topic covered is the supposed decline of MMOs.

"We wanted to give gamers the very latest information. There's a lot out there, and we want to give people the best."

Milton Strumf, Owner

“Amid many often tiresome predictions that MMOs (massively multiplayer online games, for the as-yet-uninitiated) are approaching their final decline, the industry just keeps chugging on,” the site wrote. “Are MMOs on the decline? Maybe. But with numbers still in the millions, real-life careers being put on hold, and marriages formed and broken all in the service of connection to a player’s game world of choice, does it really matter?”

Another recent post looked at five TV shows that MMO players might enjoy, along with explanations.

 “House of Cards: Watching the unscrupulous Frank Underwood scheme his way to power on screen may remind you of being in charge of a guild,” the site wrote. “Do you have your very own Doug Stamper to do away with those rebels? The Guild is a sitcom focusing on online guild the Knights of Good, who spend their days playing an unnamed MMORPG. You’ll definitely relate to characters such as Bladezzz, Zaboo and Codex!”

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