MitVest: The New Smart Finance Platform, Built for U.S. Lenders and German-Speaking Mittelstand Companies

MitVest, the new transatlantic platform for advice, access, optimization and efficiency for all corporate finance needs of Mittelstand companies active in the United States, is officially launching today.

MitVest Founders
  • ​​Bi-lingual corporate finance advice for established companies and startups
  • Access to a pre-screened circle of liquidity providers and banking partners
  • Guidance on balance sheet optimization, building up credit history, financial structuring and M&A
  • Personal advice and ‘"Gründlichkeit" included

The expansion of Mittelstand companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria into the U.S. market seems to be a success story, but too often investors have had to scale down their initial plans due to insufficient funding and other financial challenges. Many European companies in the U.S. are considered startups, even if they are mature businesses overseas. This means they have to start without a local credit history. A significant obstacle, not just to get a bank loan, but also when signing lease or insurance agreements.

On the other hand, the U.S. is the biggest financial market in the world, U.S. banks tend to be more open to entrepreneurial risk than their European peers and can provide various solutions beyond traditional bank loans. What is missing is a mutual understanding between both sides.

Partner for innovation-oriented lenders and expanding Mittelstand corporations

“MitVest is the very first orchestrated approach to bring these two worlds together, through a smart and interactive finance and advisory platform. The concept is built on the core belief that market intelligence goes hand in hand with financial expertise” said Stefan Götz, Co-founder and Head of Corporate Finance of MitVest.

“We analyze the clients' current and future business models, involve industry experts and determine the company’s financial needs. Based on this, Mittelstand clients get access to a pre-screened circle of liquidity and finance providers, everything prepared and optimized with the help of MitVest,” adds Martin Raab, co-founder of MitVest.

The platform and its agile and structured process matches professional lenders and expanding companies by balancing risks and opportunities, and thus, Mittelstand clients are able to bypass wastes of time, frustration and disadvantageous financial conditions.

Transatlantic high-caliber team

MitVest has opened local offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as a Pan-European service desk in Zurich (Switzerland). The platform was founded by Stefan Götz, former manager of the German Desk at Deutsche Leasing USA, Chicago and Martin Raab, founding partner of Sugarwood Financial Partners, LLC and Senior Investment Executive, commuting between Europe and the United States.

Also, MitVest is establishing a dedicated Advisory Board with outstanding expertise to center competencies available for clients: Currently the Advisory Board is joined by Dr. Ulrich Dilling, Caroline Blaser and Ludwig Fischer.

Dr. Ulrich Dilling has been Member of the Executive Board of MAN Truck & Bus AG until December 2018. He has extensive knowledge in the global automotive sector, including M&A and merger integration experience.

Caroline Blaser is Head of the Swiss Business Hub USA, where she is advising companies on their US market entrance, as well as helping U.S. investors to find their way to Switzerland. She has previously been responsible as a Director for the Swiss Business Hub Canada. She is an expert of the US market and transatlantic export and investment initiatives.

Ludwig Fischer is Partner at Invigors, part of The Alta Group. Previously has he served as the Managing Director of GE Capital Germany, as well as Director Finance & Operations at Hewlett Packard Germany. He is a proven expert in financial management, market expansion and sales and distribution strategies.


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Stefan Götz
Co-Founder / Head Corporate Finance
Boston, MA 312-522-4900

Martin Raab, CAIA
Charlotte, NC 704-478-1426 | Zurich +41 44 5002887


The MitVest platform is operated by Sugarwood Financial, a U.S. Registered Investment Advisor, specialized in investment solutions for Mittelstand companies. The group advises on various aspects of corporate finance including external funding and balance sheet optimization, and it maintains contacts to more than 100 Mittelstand companies active across America, as well as one dozen different Liquidity Providers (as of April 2019).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: MitVest and/or Sugarwood Financial Partners, LLC is not a Securities Broker/Dealer, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender, Mortgage Servicer and/or Mortgage Origination Supporter. We do not affect securities transactions in connection with the transfer of a privately held company ("Share Deals").

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About MitVest

MitVest is the transatlantic platform for financial structuring, optimizing and matchmaking. Made for German subsidiaries in the U.S. — Gründlichkeit and personal advice included.

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