Mitsubishi Materials Launches New Website to Propose Solutions to 'Control the Heat' in xEVs

Thermal Management Solution Website

For the first time, Mitsubishi Materials launched a website aimed towards fulfilling the increasing demand for thermal management in xEVs. Since xEVs have multiple automobile parts which produce an immense amount of heat, improving the performance of each automobile part is an absolute necessity to "Control the heat".

The New Thermal Management Solutions Website is as follows:

The new website allows the user to search for the thermal management solution by two methods, "Searching by Automobile parts", or "Searching by Products". If you want to search by Automobile parts, the website offers the solution regarding the following parts: Lamps including headlamp, RCL, DRL etc., Motor, Battery, Air Conditioning, Instrument Panel, and Inverter

If you want to search by products, the website offer solutions using Mitsubishi Materials products, the AuSn Paste and the Thermistor Sensor. The AuSn Paste boasts a high market share as a high temperature lead-free solder with high reliability for automotive LEDS, while the Thermistor Sensor is a high heat resistance, high accuracy, high-speed responsive temperature sensor which is used for various automobile applications.

The products and solutions represented on the new website have achieved great results for Mitsubishi Materials existing customers. Mitsubishi Materials has HUNDREDS of customers worldwide which utilize both the AuSn Paste and Thermistor Sensor to solve their thermal management problems. 

"The new website is definitely going to help spread the thermal management solutions we have to offer, and we are hoping to get a lot of inquiries from potential customers so we can help improve the xEV market as a whole," commented Ken Shinohara, General Manager of the Electronic Materials and Components Division. 

The demand to "Control the heat" is only going to increase as the thermal management demands for xEVs increase, and we want to help as many users as possible to assist their thermal management needs. Mitsubishi Materials will continue to meet customer demands by updating the website continually by adding new case examples and products to help resolve customer issues.

Come visit our website today, and contact us if you are interested in our products or have any questions!

About Mitsubishi Materials

Mitsubishi Materials, with a rich history of over 150 years, has many businesses such as "Electronic Materials and Components", "Metals Business", etc. The companies corporate philosophy is "For People, Society and the Earth", and we strive to become the leading business group committed to creating a sustainable society through materials innovation, with use of our unique and distinctive technologies. 

Within the company is the Electronic Materials & Components Business, which offers a wide variety of products used in cutting edge markets such as the automotive, semiconductor, and optical communications industry. The business is constantly providing the necessary products and solutions to deliver the latest innovation technology worldwide.



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Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Materials & Components Business offers a wide variety of products used in cutting edge markets such as the automotive, semiconductor, and optical communications industry.

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