MIT Introduces the Concept of Education Beyond Books

MIT schools by MAEER believe in going beyond books when it comes to education. Students are exposed to several extra-curricular activities for their overall development.

MAEER or Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research has several residential schools in and around Pune in Maharashtra. All these schools, which are known as Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools, are famous for their focus on overall growth and development of the students. Along with academics, the schools also believe in going beyond the textbooks for the holistic development of the students.

In order to make sure that students are stuck in classrooms and textbooks, MAEER's MIT schools have organized various extra-curricular activities within the campus. Students can be a part of different clubs and activities as per their interests. There are cultural clubs, nature clubs, press clubs, literary clubs etc. that help children to learn new things. Apart from this, children are also encouraged to take up social responsibilities.

Co-curricular activities are also given equal importance. There are various sports clubs and practice sessions for students of all standards. The students of the MIT schools get the opportunity to learn to play sports like cricket, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, volleyball, skating, chess, carom, etc. All students have to go through karate training for self-defence purpose. Apart from this, more than one hour, every day, is dedicated to sports and yoga exercises.

MAEER's MIT schools do everything to give the students exposure to a variety of things. This is the reason why the schools conduct student parliaments on a regular basis. These parliament sessions are organized to introduce children to proactive involvements. These sessions help children to voice their problems and also to think about solutions. This way, students of these schools get an opportunity to work in governance activities and become dynamic citizens.

MAEER's MIT CBSE schools in Maharashtra schools focus in the overall development of the students. Hence, apart from regular examinations, students also get to participate in competitions to display their talents. 

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