Miramar Group Aligns With SW Hong Kong to Develop a Global Capital Advisory Services Platform

An east-meets-west financial ecosystem expands operations and offerings of both entities.

Miramar Group, a privately owned investment and business consultancy firm, announced a strategic alliance with (ShineWing) SW Hong Kong, a professional services and accounting firm. The collaboration expands service offerings, opportunities, and unique opportunities for both firms to offer their clients additional services, with a global focus.

The development of a Global Capital Advisory Services Platform will continue the expansion of Miramar Group's international presence and foster opportunities for growth using an "east-meets-west" approach as well as a commitment to a collaborative exploration of the Asia Pacific Opportunity Fund, which will provide access to quality, bespoke investment opportunities to the SW network across the Greater Bay area, Asia Pacific as well as the Miramar Group's international community in North and South America.

Mr. D. Roy Serventi, CEO and Founder of The Miramar Group, says, "This partnership brings together a sound economic platform for businesses to connect via a collaborative ecosystem." He continues, "Clients are provided with new business opportunities, insights, and greater flexibility in deploying new solutions. With a close investor base, Miramar has significant financial and operations resources to call upon and from which to draw support. Miramar's capital access is provided by a diversified mix of both domestic and international family offices, funds and institutional investors and operators. As a flexible and long-term investor, we employ a collaborative and proactive investment approach, providing capital, corporate, and financial governance, and the strategic resources to help companies unlock value and achieve long-term sustainable growth."

Mr. Roy Lo, Managing Partner, SW Hong Kong, said, "As a professional services firm, it is always our commitment to deliver the highest standards of quality and provide exceptional client services. We are excited by the partnership with The Miramar Group and its global community in the USA as well as South America to demonstrate our deep capability and knowledge across a broad spectrum of services across private and public investing, acquisitions, transition management, corporate finance, technology transfer, strategic and capital planning, marketing, and business development. Our multidisciplinary teams of professionals ensure that SW Hong Kong can now provide integrated advisory and corporate finance services to maximize growth opportunities of businesses. Our professionals with significant operational experience in business startup and operations provide full-scope critical support and unbiased perspectives at each stage to help achieve your objectives."

Professor Jeslie Chui, Managing Director at Miramar Capital Asia Pacific, stated, "Our platform would allow us to look to invest in companies with a focus on early-stage operating companies in the bio-tech, and health-tech sectors for SW and Miramar's international network. Such not only creates the potential of generating outsized investment returns, but also provides sustainable ESG impacts for society as well as the world at large."

About Miramar Group - The Miramar Group, LLC (Miramar) is a private investment and corporate management firm with offices in the USA, Mexico and Hong Kong focused on working with lower middle market private companies with revenues up to US $250 million. Miramar has provided investment capital and services to private and public companies across a variety of industries including medical and dental technology, branded consumer goods, aerospace and telecommunications, sports agency management, e-commerce, fin-tech, hemp/cannabis, and real estate. For more information, see www.TheMiramarGroup.com.

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Source: The Miramar Group