MiracleDesk.com Launches Offering a Sit-Stand Desk for Under $80

MiracleDesk.com offers a sturdy, affordable standing desk option that works with a regular desk along with monitor arms and anti-fatigue mats.

MiracleDesk, a niche e-commerce website offering an affordable, lightweight but sturdy sit-stand desk for $79, launched this week. The Miracle Desk works by sitting on top of a regular desk, allowing the user to switch between sitting and standing in minutes. The desk is made of durable wood, is still lightweight and sturdy enough to hold a monitor, keyboard, phone and still lean on.                                  

The Miracle Desk was invented in 2010, but has been the brainchild of owner and inventor, Steve Brielmaier, since 2003 when he was tired of back aches and getting groggy in the afternoon. In August of 2014 the US Patent Office issued a patent for the design of the desk. It has sold over 15,000 units since its inception, but for the first time ever, it will be sold on a site dedicated strictly to the Miracle Desk.

The Miracle Desk comes in two heights to accommodate almost anyone, in 10 finishes to match just about any desk and the site offers sit-stand monitor arms and anti-fatigue mats to help with posture, eye strain and to ease the strain on your feet from standing.                                                 

MiracleDesk intends to revolutionize the way people see the sit-stand desk and how it can be used. By offering a product at a price point that anyone can afford, including schools and small offices, the company brings the health and productivity benefits of standing while working to everyone, not just the rich.

Users have said such astonishing things as ” I ordered one for myself, loved it, and then ordered 10 more for employees.” and “ I’ve seen many stand-up desks that sell for hundreds of dollars, and find this simple wooden desk to be both budget-conscious and effective.”.   Mr Brielmaier said that “We have had users exclaim that they are having less or no back pain, are astonished by the sturdiness for the price and have over 100 five star reviews on Amazon alone.”

The MiracleDesk official launch will be the April 29th and will include contests, giveaways and one time offers.

Contact Information:
Miracle Desk
1212 American Way Watertown, WI 53094
1-855-242-0514     sales@miracledesk.com

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