MIPR Holdings Hosted an Original Cannabis Investment Seminar in Culver City, CA

MIPR's program, "Opportunities to Invest in the Green Rush: Emerging Cannabis Market," offered an inside look into the history, present, and future of cannabis.

MIPR Holdings (MIPR) hosted an informative seminar, focusing on the various avenues open to prospective investors and entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry. The one-of-a-kind program was introductory, directed at those professionals who have not yet established themselves in the space. It was presented on July 9, 2016 in Culver City, CA to a limited number of emerging professionals.

Beginning with the deeply rooted human history with the cannabis plant, dating all the way back to the Christian Bible, the investment presentation educated attendants on the body’s endocannabinoid system—one of the most important physiological systems involved in establishing and maintaining overall human health. The program then discussed traditional ways cannabis was used to improve health, including treatments for epilepsy and cancer, which are still very common today.

"The MIPR Investing in an Emerging Market was a life altering event. I learned that there is plenty of opportunity and work to be done and start in this industry, but the laborers are few. MIPR has the expertise, the connections, and the drive to help folks break into this industry, and start the trend of generational wealth."

Derrick Webster , Event Attendee

"Our goal was to educate and empower new investors with the truth about cannabis and getting positioned early on.  They had an opportunity to meet some of the young entrepreneurs in pre-revenue stages of their companies currently seeking funding; and they were surprised by Grammy award winning group Digital Underground who are also seeking funding at this time.  I believe we accomplished our goal today! Great audience, great team and an overall great event,” said Founder Khadijah Adams of MIPR Holdings

As MIPR’s presentation pointed out, a very important part of marijuana’s history is how and why it came to be illegal. The presenters explained that as paper, oil, and pharmacy industries began to grow, the hemp industry vanished, eventually bringing about the criminalization of cannabis in 1935. Later on in the 20th century, the presentation explained, tension grew between the alcohol and cannabis industries. As time moved forward, many Americans have been subject to police scrutiny and arrest for possessing, using, or being associated with marijuana, especially minority groups.

Despite the plant’s illegality in the United States, MIPR’s presentation brought forward the positive actions being made within the industry. In the 1990s when cannabis was found to have medical value, California became the first state to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes. California’s cannabis industry is now worth more than $2 billion, according to the presentation. Fast forward to today, and the presentation highlights that more than 25 states with legalized medical cannabis use and the four states with legalized recreational use, emphasizing that these numbers are both on the rise.

Event attendees gave positive reviews and feedback of the informative presentation and educational seminar. “The MIPR Investing in an Emerging Market was a life altering event. I learned that there is plenty of opportunity and work to be done and start in this industry, but the laborers are few. MIPR has the expertise, the connections, and the drive to help folks break into this industry, and start the trend of generational wealth,” said Derrick Webster, event attendee.

Having provided this important information about marijuana’s history and its relatively recent revival, the “Opportunities to Invest in the Green Rush: Emerging Cannabis Market” presentation then switched gears, focusing on investment in the growing industry, and the challenges that today’s cannabis investors face. This portion of the presentation, headed by Arman Walker, CFO of MIPR Holdings, helped the attendants to learn about investment options and where they can find reliable research on legal cannabis companies, still considered relatively fragile by most financial experts.

After a discussion of the diverse investment opportunities available in the cannabis space, the presentation discussed what challenges and roadblocks both investors and marijuana businesses must overcome to remain successful in the growing industry. As the presentation discussed, investors must work to find reliable and accurate information about companies who are often not able to list on NASDAQ and other big name business outlets.

With 30 years of experience as an investment and commercial banking executive, Walker brought his financial expertise and enthusiasm for the cannabis industry to the day’s presentation, exciting and informing attendants. “Several times in my career I have been ahead of the curve, a trailblazer in finance. This is another opportunity to do again as has been done in energy, environmental, and sustainability initiatives. Just as renewables approach maturity, this industry too promises to overcome similar hurdles and progress rapidly.”

Heading the program and the company is cannabis entrepreneur, investor, and advocate, Khadijah Adams. As founder of MIPR, Adams combined her experience as an investor and long-time business consultant with her passion for educating and empowering others on the benefits of legalizing cannabis in developing this new program. Moreover, Adams is hopeful that by providing emerging investors and professionals in the industry with the tools and knowledge for success, the rhetoric surrounding cannabis will continue to soften.

“All industries are politically charged in some way, but having an insider’s view allows for an objective perspective. In this way, MIPR is uniquely positioned and better prepared to provide a sound investment approach through beneficial alliances and deep industry involvement,” Adams said.

For more information on this Cannabis Investment Seminar please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at Info@iBossAdv.com

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MIPR Holding, LLC. (MIPR) is a professional consulting and investor relations company dedicated to providing small to mid-size companies in the cannabis industry with hard data, problem solving solutions and assistance with the implementation of business strategies. We facilitate business connections for clients seeking startup or expansion capital through various alternative investments or lending sources. www.miprholdings.com.

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Source: MIPR Holdings (MIPR)

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