Minority Business Access Podcast Features New A-List Guest Lineup

Minority Business Access Podcast

MBA: Minority Business Access Podcast is back Monday, Dec. 21 with 10 new episodes. Each new episode features interviews with some of today's most brilliant financial and business minds, interviewed by host, Solomon RC Ali. Solomon is a top Private Equity Investor and Tech and Energy CEO, who has successfully closed more than 140 mergers and acquisitions and raised $250 million in structured investment capital for a diverse portfolio of companies.

Solomon's Guest Lineup for December 2020, and January and February 2021:

Amilya Antonetti is a leading expert on human behavior. Her no-nonsense approach to helping even the most stuck individual come out as a champion is mesmerizing to watch. Amilya has been a key digital, marketing and business development strategist building out direct to consumer revenue streams for brands like George Foreman Grill, Listerine strips, and Ninja Blender; and for public figures like Steve Harvey, John Legend, Montel Williams and Mike Tyson. She has appeared as a regular guest on The Oprah Show and Oprah's After Show. She has been a contributor on FOX News & CNBC, and appeared on daytime TV with Dr. Phil, TODAY Show, CBS This Morning and Extra.

Jim Conaway is a Wealth Strategist who possesses extensive experience in the use of prudent strategies with real estate, charitable planning, pensions, business structures, insurance and investing. Jim is also the host of Smart Money Talk Radio on NBC affiliate radio.

Before founding Refuge Investments, LLC, Sterling Lund had the privilege of executing more than $2.1 billion in acquisitions, entitlement, development, and renovation projects; including 6.7 million square feet of commercial space and more than 7,460 residential units for some of this nation's largest real estate companies.

Kevin L. Day, JD, MBA is a nationally-recognized author and leading estate planning and international asset protection planning attorney. His asset protection expertise is unrivaled.

Sophia Olivas is co-owner of a private Hedge Fund and 1WorldNow Ventures, a nonprofit organization focused on women's financial sovereignty to eradicate poverty, alleviate violence, and bolster mental health.

David Buurma, a Lambton County farmer, has based his business on organic waste. His company, LaSalle Agri Fertiliz-er, sells pelleted biosolids to farmers who use them as fertilizer on their fields. Buurma's company distributes pellets, which follow the same regulations as fertilizer.

Anthony Williams is a famous personality in the Forex and investing industry. He became a successful economist & entrepreneur after experiencing many life difficulties, including being an ex-foster child, a drug dealer, and a college dropout. Throughout his life, he knew he had a passion for numbers. His love for risk/reward and the game of numbers gave him the chance to start over and make a name for himself as a Trader in the financial markets.

Aaron Scott Young is a strategic thinking partner for entrepreneurs and business owners. He has the expertise to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, see solutions and help to illuminate a path to forward progress.

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