Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal Company Advises Homeowners to Ask Insurance Providers About Ice Dam Removal Coverage

Ice Dam Liquidators, the Twin Cities leading ice dam prevention and removal company, advises homeowners to contact their home insurance providers to file a claim if ice dams have caused roof leakage and/or water damage to their insured properties, as homeowners may receive coverage for ice dam removal services.

After this February’s record snowfall, many homeowners are struggling with the dangerous formation of ice dams. Historically, home insurance policies did not cover the costs of professional ice dam removal, as this service was considered preventive maintenance and the responsibility of the carrier.

Today, however, most insurers will allow homeowners to file a claim for damages to cover the costs of professional ice dam removal, if there is clear evidence of roof leakage and/or water damage that directly resulted from an ice dam.

Roof damage can occur when there are large accumulations of snow trapped by ice dams. Therefore, to prevent such leaks from happening, homeowners must remove ice dams, so snow and water are able to drain off the sides of the roof. The cost to do so can range from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the ice’s thickness. To remove ice dams correctly, an individual must steam it off the roof, using a combination of low pressure and high temperatures to avoid any further damage to the roof component. As commercial grade steamers are not cheap, homeowners can expect to pay $4,000 or more. And because most steamers run on clean kerosene, the cost to run it will range from $20-40 per hour.

Labor is another costly factor to consider. Homeowners will require professional, insured roofers to safely perform the work on a slippery roof amid below freezing temperatures. The estimated hourly rate to perform this service typically starts at $50 and averages around $100 per hour.

“Similar to storms, hurricanes, and hail, extreme snowing conditions are considered acts of God,” says Dmitry Lipinskiy, president and CEO at Ice Dam Liquidators. “For this very reason, homeowners may be eligible to receive coverage to have ice dam removal performed at their residence to prevent future damages. So, rather than pay out of pocket for this service, homeowners should take advantage of their coverage and avoid costly repairs down the road.”

It’s highly recommended that homeowners inspect their property for any potential ice dam-related damages and have their insurance adjuster assist with calculating the costs.

If you’re experiencing roof leaks due to ice dams, the experts at Ice Dam Liquidators recommend you start a claim with your insurance provider. You’ll also want to contact their company to assist you with experienced ice dam removal to help restore your property back to its original condition.

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Ice Dam Liquidators is a division of Storm Group Roofing, LLC. An industry leading company, Ice Dam Liquidators specializes in roofing, siding, insulation, gutters, and ice dam removal and prevention services. As a SAAG certified contractor in the Twin Cities, Ice Dam Liquidators offers homeowners industry experience, professional services, and affordable solutions to help repair and restore homes back to optimal condition.

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Ice Dam Liquidators is a division of Storm Group Roofing, LLC, that specializes in roofing, siding, insulation, gutters, and ice dam removal and prevention services.

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