Minimal Cases Has Been Launched

The successful launch of minimal cases has thrilled a lot of mobile users.

Minimal Cases was launched officially in the 10th of March, 2016 in the hear of Quebec, Canada. A lot of iPhone users and enthusiastic fans in Canada was thrilled and huge open store purchase was made. 

Minimal Cases as the name implies, is a warehouse of mobile phone cases and covers. Last year, there were rumors that a mega mobile phone case outlet will be launched by early 2016. Surprisingly the rumors were true and the rumored mega phone store has finally been unveiled.

Head of marketing, John Simon was quoted as saying that the phone cases are of high quality and Minimal Cases will soon become the must-go online mobile case shopping center.

One iPhone 6 user who was at the launching ceremony, said "At last we now have an shopping center for all mobile phone cases. It's a thing of joy and I look forward to a time when there will plenty of them especially here in Quebec".

Another Blackberry user who doesn't want his name to be mentioned said "I was filled with joy and happiness when I heard the news on the Television that a shopping center which will cater for mobile phone cases users has been launched here in Quebec. Now at least we've gotten a solution to one of our niggling problems".

These comments goes to show that Quebec residents were really awaiting such a marvelous thing to happen.

The Managing Director of Minimal Cases, Danny Satter has promised to bring the best of the best world class phone cases and covers to customers of Minimal Cases. 

He also said that the era of going out to local shops to buy phone cases are over and that you can stay at your to order whatever phone cover or case you like and it will be brought to your doorstep within minutes.

If the words of the Managing Direction are anything go by then, the residents of Quebec are sure to get their phone cases and covers settled.

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