MINIEYE Released In-Cabin Sensing Solution for Smart Cockpit

MINIEYE In-Cabin Sensing Solution for Smart Cockpit

On September 27, MINIEYE, a Chinese self-driving technology developer, launched the I-CS(In-Cabin Sensing) solution, and announced that it had obtained SOP projects of over 30 passenger car models. Based on computer vision technology and artificial intelligence, the solution includes a driver monitoring system (DMS), an occupancy monitoring system (OMS), an object recognition and human-vehicle interaction system, etc., and has the core advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high robustness.

The I-CS solution provides active services for five application scenarios, namely, seamless entry, safe takeover, fatigue monitoring, child care and multiplayer entertainment. In these scenarios, I-CS reduces the interaction threshold and learning cost. Users can feel active and smart experience without giving explicit instructions. In addition, based on a large amount of productization accumulation and mass production delivery experience, MINIEYE I-CS has formed a turnkey service mode of "products+tools". Through the core advantages, such as natural body language interactive logic, flexible multi-platform software transplanting experience, high-performance computing accelerator, completely development tool chain, the productization process of I-CS solution can be effectively guaranteed from algorithm design, function development, verification test to final mass production delivery.

In 2017, MINIEYE began to specialize in smart cockpit technology. At present, the I-CS solution has obtained more than 30 SOP projects for passenger cars. The cumulative shipments of DMS products in commercial vehicles exceeds 100,000 units.


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