MINIEYE Raised D1 Round of Financing, Will Deliver 500,000 ADAS Products in 2021


Recently, MINIEYE, a self-driving technology developer, announced the completion of the D1 round of financing. For this round of financing, CICC ALPHA and Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. are lead investors, and old shareholders, such as Harvest Capital and Vision Plus Capital, are co-investors.

CICC ALPHA and Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. are experienced in investing in the field of autonomous driving. This time, MINIEYE's joint lead investors focus on the development strategy of "one body and two wings". Dr. Liu Guoqing, the founder and CEO of MINIEYE, said that the second half of the competition in autonomous driving is a competition between the players' comprehensive quality, technical ability, mass production ability and cost control ability. This round of financing will help the company to strengthen the advantages maintained in these areas.

As a leading developer of autonomous driving technology in China, MINIEYE is committed to providing reliable perception and decision-making solutions for self-driving cars. While reducing the traffic accident rate and ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers on the road, it creates an intelligent interaction experience and helps the large-scale application of autonomous driving technology.

MINIEYE researches autonomous driving perception technology and planning and control technology. Its mass production solutions are applicable to scenarios that include both driving and parking. In the driving scenario, it focuses on a full-domain solution that integrates out-of-cabin and in-cabin sensing, including ADAS solutions for L2+ and below and functions such as DMS, OMS and in-cabin interaction. In the parking scenario, it offers APA and AVP.

It is reported that by relying on advanced R&D capabilities and rich mass production experience, MINIEYE is accelerating the large-scale implementation of autonomous driving products. At present, MINIEYE's front-end mass production customers include domestic autonomous brand car companies such as Dongfeng, Liuzhou Automobile, Geely Commercial Vehicle, SAIC, BYD, Weichai, Jianghuai, Heavy Duty Automobile, Shaanxi Automobile, etc., and joint venture brand car companies such as Jiangxi Isuzu and Jiangling Ford. MINIEYE has delivered 230,000 ADAS products in the first half of 2021, up 245% year on year. It expects 500,000 devices to be delivered by the end of 2021.



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