Mine Real Gold and Build a Real Business With Real Profits in a Massive Multiplayer Game

​Skylark inc. Launches Kickstarter to Develop Multiplayer Game Allowing Mining Physical Gold and Building a Real Company with Real Profits

Where the Players Make the Profit

Skylark inc. launches Kickstarter program to promote their upcoming game, Havilah, opening the door for millions of players to mine, steal and redeem physical gold while building a real world company with real profits on their smart phone.

Skylark announced today that it is also developing an entire platform dedicated solely to facilitating games which allow players to earn and redeem real world assets. This breakthrough in technology will finally open the possibility for gamers to earn a true living inside of a video game, completely bridging the virtual world with the real world. They have coined this new genre of gaming R.D.C (redeemable digital currency).

When you incorporate real assets into a game and truly set players free, that's when entertainment is taken to a level that's never been seen.

Stephen McCullah, CEO

Skylark has said that the in-game gold in its flagship game, Havilah, will be backed with physical gold. Players will then be able to redeem this gold directly to their door. “If gold is not a player’s desire, however,” Stephen McCullah - CEO of Skylark says. “Players will be able to redeem large numbers of other physical items via our retail partners. We want to give the player virtually unlimited ways to redeem their in-game assets.”

Skylark is anticipating launching Havilah in the Summer of 2017, however, players do not have to wait to become an integral part of the process. Once in a lifetime opportunities are open now for fans to receive early benefits and directly engage with the process via Kickstarter.

Skylark is using the Kickstarter platform to give players the unique opportunity to receive exclusive, in-game items early and to become an important part of gaming history. Genuine sapphires and rubies, naming rights, land rights, political positions, exclusive updates and VIP early access are just a few of the rewards available to early backers.

“Our vision is to take gaming to a completely new level,” says Stephen. “When you incorporate real assets into a game and truly set players free, that’s when entertainment is taken to a level that’s never been seen.”

Boasting a team of industry professionals responsible for many of the World’s most popular games (World of Warcraft, Elder scrolls Online, NBA2k16, Halo 5, Farcry 4 and many more), Skylark looks not only to enter the gaming industry but completely transform it.

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Company Name: Skylark inc.
Full Name: Stephen McCullah
Email Address: stephen@skylarkrdc.com
Website: www.skylarkdc.com

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About Skylark inc.

Skylark was founded with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the gaming industry. We are doing this largely in part by the introduction of the RDC (Redeemable Digital Currency) genre.

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