MindLight, LLC Has Launched a New Caregiver Web and Mobile App Named Iriis

Iriis is designed to help family caregivers keep track of important information and coordinate tasks and appointments.

Iriis - Caring.  Together.

MindLight, LLC, a company focused on ensuring caregivers have the tools and resources they need, has launched a brand-new app. The app, named Iriis, is available on the web and for iPhone and Android. Iriis was created for family caregivers by family caregivers.

MindLight’s CEO and co-founder, Jackie Schwabe, has four children, one of whom has autism. When Schwabe could not find the resources, tools, and support she needed to support her family, she created the Iriis app. Schwabe is not alone. The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP has noted that there are approximately 43.5 million caregivers that provided unpaid care to an adult or child in 2015, the last time the stat was made available. As the population ages, more and more adults will find themselves as family caregivers.

“Being a caregiver sometimes feels like checking items off and adding items on to a giant to-do list that never seems to end,” says Schwabe. “The challenge is caregivers have so much to do and keep track of that the list ends up in a purse or wallet or back of a receipt or even sometimes eaten by the dog. We wanted to simplify the efforts needed to maintain this busy schedule so Iriis consolidates all those lists into one location, allowing us to see a full picture of all the tasks that we need to get done.”

Iriis allows caregivers to coordinate tasks and appointments and even assign those tasks to others. Caregivers can collaborate with others by creating a caregiving team and then coordinating and assigning important work.

The app also acts like a virtual file cabinet to store and collect information caregivers want available for other members of the team. With Iriis, information can be shared and tasks and appointments assigned, making coordination easy and effective. Because it's both a web and mobile app, information can be shared between the two so at home or on the go, the information is right at the caregiver’s fingertips.

MindLight also offers a range of free caregiver resources, including checklists, elder care goals, a budget worksheet and more. For more information and to download the app, visit MindLightllc.com

About MindLight, LLC

MindLight’s mission is to create solutions for the care, management, and enrichment of the lives of caregivers and their vulnerable family members. They provide the tools, resources, and support caregivers need to support their caregiving journey. To learn more, visit MindLightllc.com.

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We create solutions for the care, management, and enrichment of the lives of caregivers and their vulnerable family members. We will provide the tools, resources, and support caregivers need for a meaningful journey.

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