Mindful Techniques With Oculus Brain Centers

San Diego-based neurology clinic Oculus Brain Centers relieves migraine symptoms, restores brain function

Migraine pain

Migraine is a prevalent disease caused by neurological abnormalities in the brain and brainstem, affecting one billion people worldwide. 

While the associated pain can be debilitating, many migraine sufferers can go undertreated, with more than half never diagnosed with a neurological dysfunction.

The doctors at Oculus Brain Centers, the premier functional neurology clinic in San Diego, California, have worked with migraine sufferers for years using drug alternatives and surgery-free solutions to better understand each patient's condition.

This brain-based treatment provides preventative care to patients by helping them identify and remove migraine triggers, reducing their frequency, intensity and duration.

"We only concern ourselves with two things: Identifying the root cause of the migraine and mapping out a path for patient wellness," said Stephanie Barbakoff of Oculus Brain Centers.

Because no two brains respond the same, doctors adjust techniques to fit each patient's needs using state-of-the-art equipment to correct neurological conditions without medicine or surgery.

Customized care is crafted to include chiropractic adjustments and cognitive therapies, electric stimulation and massage, hormonal testing and stress reduction techniques, among others.

In addition, patients may see lifestyle modifications such as diet and supplements as well as exercise implemented into daily routines.

It's often a combination of these methods that prove effective in improving the quality of life for migraine sufferers and lead to optimal brain function.

"Dedicating ourselves to helping people feel and function better — to serve people who are out of options and hope has far-reaching effects we can't quantify," Barbakoff said. "When people don't have pain, they have the chance to be their best selves."

Because the therapies and applications of doctors who practice functional neurology don't include drugs or surgery, these types of neurological interventions are a much safer way to treat brain-related health issues.

There are four components of migraine that require a customized approach when it comes to chiropractic care, tailored specifically for the individual following a comprehensive evaluation.

The neurological root cause is one component, where the patient has a genetic predisposition to migraine onset initiated by lifestyle triggers. The brainstem dysfunction is typically isolated to a single side of the body, presenting as severe throbbing and one-sided head pain occurring behind either eye.

Musculoskeletal is another component, which presents as dysfunctional and fixated joints within the spine and extremities or tightened muscles, contributing to overall neurological stress.

The dietary aspect focuses on removing triggers and inflammatory foods and regulating blood sugar to heal the faulty area of the brain.

"Most patients who find us have tried one, two or even three parts of the [migraine] program individually," Barbakoff said. "But it's the unique combination of all four parts at one time that makes the program so successful." 

For more information about migraine sufferers or to book an appointment, call (619) 785-3688 or visit oculusbraincenters.com.

Source: Oculus Brain Centers