Mind Yard Puts Faith in Sin City

Mind Yard launches Your Faith Looks Familiar at the 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

Mind Yard Licensing opens its gates to the licensing world with Your Faith Looks Familiar. YFLF are superheroes for Freedom, and Oneness Beyond Belief. They fight against the evil forces of Ignorance and Prejudice with Art and Humor, their weapons of choice. The brand’s properties are available for animation, apps, toys, games, educational materials, apparel, novelties, stationery, gifts and decor. 

YFLF celebrates diversity, advocates multifaith philosophies, and delights New York Comic Con fans year after year with sold out shirts; action figures, posters, greeting cards, stickers, and phone cases. 

El Tiburón, illustrator and character creator, declares, “We’ve seen how our art and message resonate strongly across a wide range of pop culture fans in New York. YFLF is ready to tell their epic stories at the Licensing Expo.”

Meet the heroes:

Bu - champion of peace, harmony and gastronomy 

Shivz - suave yogi of extreme creative and destructive abilities 

Jay C - superstar healer, miracle worker and bartender

Momo - master of the powerful Rod of Hiss and 2 tablet devices

Niño- the little prince of bling and balls

Beel - expert troll from hell

Together, they are known as The YFLF Gang, victors of Freedom and Oneness Beyond Belief. 

Other character collections making their debut are the spiral-obsessed Monkey Boy Miko (Everything is Spinning!), the overcautious frog Francis Analysis (Analysis Paralysis Kills.), the unaffected K the Kat (K.), and food allergy educators Ruben Raccoon & His Woodland Friends (Share with care!). 

Learn more about Mind Yard Licensing and their properties at www.MindYard.info,​ www.YourFaithLooksFamiliar.com and tweet @MindYardLic and @YFLFguru.

Media Contacts:  Shanna Wallace, CEO, Mind Yard