Mind-Alliance Systems Launches MindPeer BD Company Profiling Solution at LMA22

MindPeer BD Generates Collaborative Company Profile Reports with APIs from Top Data Providers

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Mind-Alliance Systems, a legaltech solution provider and LMA22 sponsor, released MindPeer BD, a platform for generating company profile reports that support business development and client services. 

MindPeer BD empowers partners, business development managers, and research professionals with customized Client Intelligence Profiles on demand.

Produce Custom Company Profiles at Scale

Company reports are populated automatically with data from Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from leading data providers and internal sources. Mind-Alliance serves as a Third-Party Processor partner for several leading data providers and integrates data so law firms can leverage it programmatically.

Until now, law firm research and competitive intelligence analysts couldn't produce and maintain company profile reports for all partners in their firm because they had to manually retrieve and paste data about companies into Microsoft Word templates. "Now each attorney and BD manager can get the reports they want on demand, and our analysts can focus on connecting the business opportunities and helping our clients to thrive," said Scott Bailey, Director of Research & Knowledge Services at Eversheds Sutherland. 

Leverage the SALI Alliance Standard

MindPeer is the first business development solution to use the SALI Alliance LMSS  Standard to add semantic tags to content in company profile reports. These tags, and storing data about companies in knowledge graphs, enhance data usability and enable use-cases such as content recommendation. "The LMSS 2.0 Standard enables organizations to robustly define and categorize information about companies' legal issues, and we're thrilled MindPeer is rolling it out broadly," says Damien Riehl, a Fastcase employee who is also part of SALI's leadership team. 

Foster Cross-Servicing & Enhance Meeting Preparation

Partners, BD Managers and Research professionals can collaborate inside MindPeer BD to gain a deeper shared understanding of companies and the BD context. MindPeer facilitates team discussion about company profile report content and provides a way for BD managers to recommend next BD steps to partners. This fosters cross-servicing by different practice groups and industry teams.

See Which Company Reports Led to New Business

Research Directors and BD Managers can receive feedback on the outcomes of their company reporting and BD guidance efforts. The ability to see what research and BD guidance led to winning new business is extremely important to support teams.

For more information on MindPeer BD, see this page

About Mind-Alliance Systems

Mind-Alliance Systems (www.mind-alliance.com) builds NLP and AI-powered software solutions for top law firms, offering design, development, and data science services under one roof. For more information, contact sales@mind-alliance.com.

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