Mimvi SEO Donates to the Charity No Kid Hungry to Help Under Privileged Kids Enjoy the Holiday Season

Mimvi Donates to No Kid Hungry

​​​​Mimvi SEO has launched itself onto the scene of search engine optimization, web design and internet market on Long Island and the surrounding area this year.  However, as a year that brought interesting trends and changes comes to a close, Mimvi has not let its success deter it from one of its core foundations: giving back to those who need it most.  Mimvi SEO announced that on December 21, 2016, merely days before families break bread on Christmas day, it donated a commendable amount to No Kid Hungry, a charity that aims to put food on the table of every child in America.

No Kid Hungry’s goal is to ensure that every child is equipped with the food he or she needs, every day.  Currently, one in five children go hungry; however, No Kid Hungry’s mission is to eradicate that epidemic.  However, this unbelievable organization connects boys and girls in needs with nutritious food and teaches families how to cook healthy and affordable meals.  Although a leader in a different field, both Mimvi SEO and No Kid Hungry are changing the game in their respective fields; Mimvi SEO truly appreciates the efforts of No Kid Hungry to lead the pack in an honorable, hopeful and undeniably and incredible field. Understanding the cost of business, Mimvi SEO desired to do its part to help those families worry about what is most important, the nutrition and health of their child, and not the finances of the process.

Marcus Becker, CEO of Mimvi SEO states, “The thought of any child in this country going hungry is a travesty.  Every single day and night as we pack lunches for our children or meet friends or client’s for lunch or dinner, we take for granted how lucky we are that we are blessed enough to do so. The fact that in 2016, the numbers of hungry kids in a ‘wealthy country’ is alarming high is disconcerting.  I am truly humbled to help a cause whose purpose is to end this epidemic, and align my personal mission and that of my company, with No Kid Hungry: to end childhood hunger in the United States.  Every child deserves a Christmas where his or her family sits down to a meal together and leaves the table full, happy and thankful.  But beyond that, every child deserves this every single day.  Mimvi SEO understands that many children have this opportunity because of No Kid Hungry and is blessed to have to opportunity to contribute to this cause.”

Mimvi SEO has seen tremendous growth in 2016, becoming a known and respected master in the internet community for its unbeatable SEO tactics, creative web design and effective internet marking strategies and Web design by Mimvi.  However, with its success, Mimvi SEO has not forgotten the importance of the surrounding community also succeeding; starting from the future of our community, the children.  With its donation to No Kid Hungry, Mimvi hopes that this deserving organization will continue to eradicate childhood hunger, so that these children can grow up to accomplish their dreams and lead whatever path they choose to walk down.

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