Mimvi SEO Dominates the SEO Industry and Expands Into Web Design

Mimvi, a Long Island based SEO Company, spear heads the competition and now dominates the SEO market in 2016. With now a full Web Design team, we have dove full force making robust websites and expanded into the New York City areas.

​​​Mimvi SEO has dominated the market sector for search engine optimization in 2016, as proven by the honor of having been named top SEO agency in 2016 by SEOCompany-Reviews.com. In addition, and as highly anticipated, Mimvi SEO has expanded and, again, proven to be a dominate player for SEO and Web Design on Long island and New York areas.

Even with fierce competition in the New York area, we have proven to be the leader in SEO time and time again and have grown tremendously due to our client relation rates and proven ROI. Despite the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” that is, in fact, what many consumers do when visiting your website. CEO of Mimvi, Marcus Becker says, “We are your online business growth partner that looks out for your benefit and will do anything to make our customers happy.”

Mimvi’s goals may seem lofty to those who have little to none, or unsuccessful, experience with SEO and web design companies; however, our company has never failed to succeed on each and every such goal.  We have taken both new companies, and struggling companies from the red to the black with our SEO, marketing and advertising techniques.  

We deliver websites that look both professional and powerful; that convert new customers into sales for our high-powered clients; and get our client’s site found online immediately. With that being said, Mimvi has now expanded its executive Web Design team and Internet Marketing divisions and have invested a tremendous amount of capital into research and development, for the sole purpose of getting your businesses found online.

We take pride in helping small business grow.  We, ourselves, began as a small business.  Our business revolves around creating growth for our clients: we aspire to take your business from the basement to the top (of both Google and your desired niche). We understand the value of dollars and cents to you; and we have experience in maximizing each cent to your benefit.  Mimvi has not failed to do so, through our SEO services, Web Design, Internet Marketing and Social Media.

We have partnered with advertising campaigns, including, but not limited to, Google, Yext, Hootsuite and HubSpot. Through these partnerships, not only is Mimvi SEO working tirelessly to make your company the best it could be, but we have also created business relationships that will take your company – big or small – and increase brand awareness.

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