Mills Media Group Launches Milli TV, a Black-Owned Streaming Network

Milli TV is a new streaming network that aims to provide talented creators overlooked by the industry a chance to showcase their best content.


Mills Media Group announces today the launch of Milli TV, a black-owned streaming network headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The network aims to provide talented content creators, who may have been overlooked or marginalized by the industry, a chance to showcase their content in a way that can't be seen or heard on any other network.

Milli TV features exclusive content, including favorites like:

  • Shooters World
  • The Brunch
  • Social Kitchen
  • The Pressure Podcast
  • The Game on Game Podcast
  • In The Vault with Gina White

Subscription to Milli TV grants viewers unlimited access to all content on the network, as well as access to all future releases. Monthly subscriptions start at $2.99, and users can save extra with an annual subscription for $31.99.

The Milli TV app is available to download on most streaming and mobile devices, including iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku and Fire TV.

Mills Media Group is headed by Ray Mills, author and serial entrepreneur who is known for titles including his well-received 2019 book Let's Start a Business and Positively Living, released in 2016. Mills gained national attention for his 'run for justice,' completed together with Londrelle Hall, author, musician and creator of the mindfulness and meditation app Eternal Sunshine, in which the pair ran 540 miles from Atlanta to Ferguson, Missouri, in an act of peaceful protest and support for Michael Brown, a teenager slain by local police in 2014.

Milli TV COO Mr. Sedote is a serial entrepreneur owning multiple clubs and lounges in metro Atlanta such as Halo Lounge.

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Javairia Coleman

Source: Mills Media Group

About Milli tv

Milli tv is a streaming network that produces and airs all of its original content. Milli tv is a platform that gives a outlet to very talented individuals that may hve been over looked. Mills Media Group is the parent company of Milli tv. Milli tv is here to change the way you watch your screen by providing shows and topics that can't be heard or seen anywhere else. Milli tv headquarters are out of Atlanta ga.