Millions Raised for Cancer Charity

Jansen Display's Stephanie Smith & Cheriee Godolphin Complete the London MoonWalk, Raising Vital Funds for Walk the Walk

MoonWalk 2017

May the 13th saw the famous nighttime Walk the Walk event return for another year. Thousands of walkers spent the night walking around Clapham Common to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Over 3,000 volunteers helped to make the fundraising event happen, and what started out as a one-off fundraising event in New York over 20 years ago has grown into a multi-million-pound charity, raising in excess of £113 million to date for vital breast cancer causes.

Breast cancer is close to the hearts of Jansen Display’s (UK Sales Advisor) Stephanie Smith and (Trade Sales Manager) Cheriee Godolphin. Steph’s aunt beat breast cancer and is doing well, while sadly Cheriee lost her dad to cancer when she was just 21, and both do what they can for cancer-related charities.

Raising in excess of £113 million to date for vital breast cancer causes

Through taking part in the London MoonWalk, Steph and Cheriee have raised over £350 and counting as donations continue to come in.

Walk the Walk is the UK's largest grant-making breast cancer charity. As a grant charity, monies raised are distributed as grants to other charities and organisations to help them reach their goals and ambitions in a bid to tackle the most common type of cancer in the UK.

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