Millie Announces New International Corporate Giving Platform, Empowering Global Philanthropy

Empower Your Teams Worldwide with Inclusive Corporate Giving Beyond Borders

Millie, a leader in corporate giving solutions, is excited to announce the launch of new features in its corporate giving software. These enhancements are designed to simplify the way companies engage in philanthropy on a global scale, overcoming barriers of distance, currency, and language to empower employees everywhere and support nonprofits worldwide. 

Founder and CEO of Millie, Rachel Klausner, stated, “We are seeing a shift in corporate trends. This is game-changing for us to be able to remove boundaries for our customers so we can support all of their employees and initiatives everywhere.” 

Experience the Power of Global Corporate Giving

Millie’s upgraded platform allows corporations to access 7 million nonprofits globally, providing opportunities for meaningful contributions regardless of location. Whether it’s Paris, France, or Paris, Texas, employees can easily navigate the extensive international nonprofit database to discover and support causes that matter to them.

Seamless Currency Support Across Borders

In today’s interconnected world, Millie’s software now includes robust currency options, enabling employees to contribute in their local currencies effortlessly. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the vibrant metropolis of Singapore, facilitating contributions and payments has never been easier. This update eliminates currency barriers, fostering seamless collaboration and inclusivity across borders.

Swift Action During International Emergencies

In times of international crises, Millie’s platform enables companies to rally their teams around global giving efforts. With an international CSR program in place, employees can support global causes in real time, providing crucial aid during emergencies. This feature empowers employees to make a tangible impact when it is needed most.

Global Vetting for Peace of Mind

Millie’s partnership with Percent ensures that all nonprofits supported through the platform meet strict eligibility criteria. This rigorous vetting process provides companies with peace of mind, knowing they are supporting legitimate and impactful global nonprofits without the hassle of navigating international eligibility complexities.

About Millie

Millie is dedicated to advancing corporate giving and volunteering through innovative technology solutions. Our platform empowers companies to make a global impact, fostering a culture of philanthropy that transcends borders and unites teams in the pursuit of a better world. With Millie, corporate giving is more accessible, inclusive, and impactful than ever before.

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Join us in making a difference, everywhere and for everyone. With Millie, the power of global corporate giving is at your fingertips.

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About Millie

Millie is a workplace giving platform designed to make charitable giving fun, accessible and impactful. We’re big believers that change comes from everyone and we’re on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow workplace giving programs. We offer a personalized experience that helps companies build a culture of giving and amplify the impact of their employees, customers and bottom line.