Émilie & Théo Unveils Its Range of Exquisite Children's Toys

Going above and beyond traditional toys, Émilie & Théo has given a truly unique French flair to its collection of children's play mates at http://emilie-et-theo.com/. Designed with incredible attention to detail, these beautiful stuffed toys are the perfect companions for all those childhood adventures that parents wish to create.

For a child, nothing is as enthralling or exciting as the prospect of obtaining a favorite toy. With Émilie & Théo's uniquely designed stuffed toys, children, both boys and girls, are surely to find and create fond memories with their very own childhood play mate.

With the new line of children’s toy, the company seeks to ensure that children grow up with the very best designed toys. Each Émilie & Théo's beautiful plush toy comes with its own incredible story, one that is bound to captivate and fascinate a child. Brimming with a sense of style that is unmistakably French, each plush toy is full of character.

Our team of designers want to make sure your child grows up with the most beautiful of memories with our beautifully crafted French themed toys

Émilie & Théo

Émilie & Théo - More than Just a Toy

While children come across many toys during their childhood years, there's always one toy that stands out as their favorite; the toy that defines the child's childhood years. Our team of designers want to make sure your child grows up with the most beautiful of memories with our beautifully crafted French themed toys”

quotes a representative at Émilie & Théo. Émilie & Théo specializes in creating toys with a French theme. Incredibly soft to touch and inviting to play with, the company's plush toys give away a home like feel that every child wants to call their own. In addition to its range of stuffed toys, Émilie & Théo also offers classical wooden toys that allow children to explore and experiment with their imagination. Most importantly, the toys encourage children to play.

The choice of materials used in the toys not only lends to a comfortable feel, but also keeps all the modern child safety standards in check. Thus, parents can take relief in the fact that their child is playing with a toy that is not only fun to play with but also absolutely safe.

About Émilie & Théo

Adding French artistry and flair to children's Apparel and Toys, Émilie & Théo takes pride in creating durable and safe toys for children. The company seeks to create a unique world where children can use their imaginations to create memories that last a lifetime. The company also offers free shipping on all orders. For more information, visit http://emilie-et-theo.com/. More information about the new line of French themed toys can also be found on http://emilie-et-theo.com/.

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Émilie & Théo inspire children with their beautiful and unique plush play mates.