MiLAN GBIC 1000BASE-LX Wavelength 1310nm Reach 10km SMF 3rd Party Transceiver Module (p/n MIL-GBIC-LX) Is Available Now

Duplex SC Fiber Interface transceiver module. The Data Transfer rate speed is 1GBPS upto 10 KM with single mode Ethernet 100Base-LX.

Santa Clara, CA-February 05th 2010-Memory Ten proudly announce the availability for MiLAN GBIC 1000BASE-LX Wavelength 1310nm Reach 10km SMF 3rd Party Transceiver Module.

MIL-GBIC-LX-MT MIL-GBIC-LX: Features and Specifications

MiLAN's new line of Standard GBIC transceiver modules are the perfect solution for connecting enterprise Gigabit Ethernet Switches that provide flexible, high performance Copper and Fiber connectivity in Corporate, Metro, Campus backbone, MxU and workgroup switching infrastructures.

o Form Factor: Plug-in module
o Device Type: Transceiver module
o Interface (Bus) Type: GBIC
o Connectivity Technology: Wired
o Cabling Type: Ethernet 1000BASE-LX
o Distance: 10 km
o Wavelength: 1310-nm
o Mode: Single Mode (SMF)
o Connector: Duplex SC Fiber Interface
o IEEE Standards: IEEE 802.3z
o Data Rate: 1GBPS
o Interfaces: 1 x network - Ethernet 1000Base-LX - SC Single-mode
o Compatible Slots: 1 x GBIC

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